Beating boredom during long days.

I hope you don’t mind indulging me for a moment while I tell you about my Thursdays. Up until this semester, I had always dreaded Mondays for obvious reasons – but that’s all changed. Now Thursdays are the bane of my existence and for good reason! Thursdays have me getting up at 8 for my first lab of the day, and finishing my last lab at 7 in the evening. I do have a 2 hour break at 12:30 that affords me time to go home to make food – but the rest of the day I’m on campus. It’s definitely not ideal,… View Post

How to set yourself up for a successful semester.

Thank you to Office Depot Inc. and Her Campus Media for partnering on this post! My first week of classes is officially over and I’m feeling good! The class I thought I would hate is actually super interesting, and there are a few classes that I’m actually looking forward to attending. I’m sure we all have a similar goal of having a super successful semester (if not, make it one of your goals!) and I thought it might be beneficial if I shared with you how I plan on making this my best semester yet! Get organized! So this is going to be… View Post

Campus Fashion: Where Style & Comfort Meet.

The countdown is on for back to school (nine days for me!) and that has meant back to school shopping, and a lot of it! When it comes to going to class my first priority is comfort but of course I also want to look cute. That’s where Hanes has come in. I have always loved them for their comfort, but as I’ve developed my own personal style I’ve realized that I can easily take my favorite classics and make them work for everyday wear. Mixing Hanes into my everyday wardrobe has resulted in a look that super effortless and of course beyond comfortable.… View Post

The Best Looks for Back-to-School!

One of my favorite things about the back-to-school season is finding all of the best deals on new trends for the fall. This year is the first year that I haven’t procrastinated on my shopping, and I was definitely rewarded for it – I was able to find everything on my list at JCPenney and I found a few cute pieces that I didn’t even know I wanted! When it comes to navigating the mall, I’m still desperately clinging onto my youth and shopping in the juniors department (and let’s be honest, I don’t see an end to that in… View Post

How to Succeed in College.

I’ve talked here before about what a wonderful community there is in blogging – I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk to such incredible people and I really couldn’t be luckier. Bloggers are some of the most driven, passionate people I know, and that it was why it was no surprise when I found out the lovely Sara had poured her heart into writing an eBook that is going to blow your socks off. There are a lot of sub-communities within the blogosphere, and my one of my favorites is the community of college bloggers. We are definitely the small… View Post