How to Grow to 2500 Daily Blog Views (Without Being Hacky)

This post is updated in 2021 from an old, 2018 post. I’ve updated the information to reflect current advice. When it comes to blogging – I’m an open book. I am more than happy to share just about anything with y’all because when I was a new blogger I obsessed over income reports and traffic analysis because it’s how I learned not only what was possible, but how I might be able to achieve it myself. Transparent bloggers helped me learn the strategies I needed to see growth, and I’ve gotten to the point where I can consistently predict my… View Post

At Home Photoshoots: Creating Compelling Content during Quarantine

Writing a post about setting up at home photoshoots feels frivolous, if I’m being honest. The world feels like it’s practically stopped spinning and here I am giving you advice on taking pretty pictures.  But here’s the thing: I think it’s important to shift your focus away from the bad. In therapy I’ve learned the one thing you can always control is your reactions to what you can’t control. And right now, I can’t control this scary pandemic or the fact that I need to shelter at home. But I can make the most of it and get my creative… View Post

The Habit You Should Break to Be a Better Blogger

I’ve been a blogger for over three years and I’ve seen the industry shift and transform over and over again. Blogging is the best thing I’ve ever stumbled into, and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to help so many other bloggers during their journeys, too. In the last three years I’ve seen bloggers stumble into the same traps over and over again, and there is one that stands out more than anything else: Worrying too much with what everyone else is doing. With the exception of writing this post, I have one main philosophy when it comes to blogging: stay in… View Post

The Blogger’s Guide to Working With Brands in 2019

Established bloggers make it look easy. They are bouncing emails back and forth with 10 different companies who are dying to work with them all while sipping an #InstaWorthy matcha latte and admiring their perfect gel manicure. A lot of bloggers are lost, though, when it comes to working with brands. They see other people doing paid collabs with brands that they could only dream of, but figuring out how to land those collaborations, how much to charge, and how to build a positive relationship with brands is where things get tricky. Luckily for you, I’ve been doing brand collaborations… View Post

Let Me (Re)Introduce Myself

Hey there! It’s been a while, but I’m back. It was never my intention to disappear from the blogging world the way I did, and I even tried to jump back in a few times, but it was never the right time. I’ve spent the past month and a half preparing for my reemergence into blogging, so this time it’s for real (promise!) Before I get any further: let me clarify why I left the blogging world. There is no dramatic excuses or crazy answers, but I was simply burnt out. I’ve been blogging for almost five years now, and… View Post