Brand Spotlight: Glossier

I’m introducing a new series on my blog highlighting my favorite products from my favorite brands. When I was younger (and a lot more broke) if I needed any type of beauty product I would buy the cheapest version that the drugstore had to offer with varying results. Sometimes my finds would get the job done as hoped, other times I’d be disappointed and my $3.99 mascara would sit untouched in a drawer until it was long past expired.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that it’s better to invest in things that I’ll love and actually use and have less than it is to waste money on 5 different versions of the same cheaper products trying to find something that I’ll like.

The first brand I’d like to feature? Glossier.

I’ll admit I was skeptical – when you see that much buzz about any brand on social media usually it’s safe to bet that they’ve put a ton of advertising $$$ behind that buzz and you aren’t actually getting a completely honest opinion.

With that said, after seeing enough bloggers and Instagrammers that I admire and trust gush about the brand I thought it was worth a shot and I bought one color of everything product listed under their “makeup” category. (Note, their lipgloss is a new product and wasn’t released when I placed my order.)

glossier 2


Overall – I love the brand and I love their makeup. There are definitely s0me products that stand out more than others, but overall I was thoroughly impressed and I am finally able to understand what all of the hype was about.

From their branding to their product presentation to the products themselves, Glossier does a fantastic job making the entire customer experience an enjoyable one.

When you receive the package the inside of the cardboard box itself is “Glossier Pink” and has a sweet little branded message that conveys Glossier’s mission.


I also got a sticker sheet, a pink bubble wrap bag (perfect for a travel makeup bag!), and a few posters in the box. But I was most interested in the goods. If you’re unfamiliar with Glossier (first off – what planet are you living on?!) they have beautiful and simple minimalist packaging that is black, white, and silver – the exception is their cloud paint which has a band of the shade printed around the top.

I know it’s a little thing, but the pretty packaging looks great on a vanity so even if you don’t clean up after yourself when you’re finished putting your face on, it looks more intentional and less sloppy.


I gave my first impressions of my Glossier makeup in the YouTube video I’ve got embedded down below, but now that I’ve been able to play around with the products for a bit longer I thought I’d give you my better developed opinions.

Glossier Haloscope

When I was picking out my Haloscope, I went with the color Quartz as it seemed like it would compliment my coloring the best. I’ve been wearing this highlighter every day since I purchased it (ditching my previously beloved MILK highlighter) and I love the finish. It packs a significant highlight without looking cakey or fake. I always feel glowy but never greasy when I have it on.

Glossier Boy Brow

You know how beauty editors are always asked silly questions like, “If you were on a desert island, what one beauty product would you bring with you?” even though I’m assuming this desert island has no mirrors or other people to see you. Despite that I wouldn’t even be able to enjoy admiring my brows, this would be my product. I often go for “no-makeup makeup” and most days it’s undereye concealer and boy brow. I bought my Boy Brow in Brown and this has quickly become my favorite makeup product ever. It’s a subtle difference, but one that makes a large impact. After putting this on I feel like my whole face just looks more polished.

Glossier Stretch Concealer

This is one product that I like but it didn’t wow me. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great product – it just didn’t blow my old go-to’s out of the water the way that Haloscope and Boy Brow did. I finished up the Korres concealer I was using, and now the Stretch Concealer in light is my go-to every day and I will probably repurchase it when it’s empty.

Glossier Skin Tint

This was another product that I like but wasn’t wowed by mostly because it’s so sheer. It’s great if you have minor pigmentation you want to cover, but other than that it doesn’t do a ton. Usually I don’t wear any foundation over my skin unless I’m taking pictures for the blog in which case I usually go for a heavier foundation. Personally I don’t get a ton of use from this product, but on those (rare) days when I wake up with my skin being 99% #flawless I will use the Skin Tint in light to give me that extra boost. Anything less than 99% and I prefer to let my skin breathe.

Glossier Generation G

I love this lip product – I really don’t know what to call it. It’s not a lipstick or a gloss or a stain – it’s it’s own wonderful beast. It goes on so sheer but you can build it up to be true to the color without feeling like you have a thick layer of lipstick. I have the Generation G in Zip and one layer looks natural, two looks flushed, and three looks straight up glamorous. I have a feeling I’ll have a collection of all the shades next time I’ve got extra cash burning a hole in my pocket.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Finally we have this magical, wonderful blush. It goes on so beautifully and a little bit goes a long way. I bought my Cloud Paint in Puff, and it’s the perfect color. On my terribly pale skin it looks like I just came in from the cold or maybe I’m back from a little jog (minus the sweat) and it’s just so pretty. This is the only blush I wear now – unless I’m adding a layer of Benefit’s Dandelion over top to set it.

Glossier First Impressions

Like I mentioned earlier, I did film a video with my Glossier first impressions and actually tried all of the makeup on so you can see how it applies and how it looks.