State My Style: It’s all in the details.

So it’s no secret by now that I’m a little gaga over Boohoo. And if you follow me over on Instagram (come join the party!) you would also know that I’m crazy about basic pieces with interesting details. I love when an otherwise plain top has fun cutouts, or a maxi skirt has a flirty slit. The last time I was browsing obsessively scrolling through Boohoo, I found a new favorite dress, and it’s a doozy.

As somebody who loves beachy, easy going looks as I do, it might seem strange that I’m also crazy about the whole ‘black on black on black’ thing. It makes me feel chic and powerful and like maybe, just maybe, I’ve actually got my life together.

At first glance this outfit is definitely great – the dress has an incredibly flattering cut, the heels are insane, and black felt hats are all of the rage right now. But you might be thinking, ‘It’s just another fierce all black outfit, that’s great, but nothing to write home about.’ Well, just wait until you see the back.


This is where my love for the little details comes in – look at that lacing! I am not kidding when I say that this dress makes me feel like I can take on the world. I’ve never owned a dress that I love more than this, and I will be wearing this whenever I want to feel a little more fierce. I feel like the dress was made for me – I had to celebrate when I slipped it on and it was long enough for everyday wear! (Tall girl problems, ya feel?)

But I’m just getting carried away – the outfit isn’t complete without accessorizing. Like I said, I was going for the black on black on black, so rather than adding a fun color pop I kept it classic (and flirty!) with the Alice Western Cut Work Festival Boot.


Cut out booties are perfect for the transition from summer to fall, and these ones are easily my new go-to! They are super comfortable (something I don’t often say about heeled anything!) and they fit my style perfectly.

Topping the look off I wore the Boutique Roxy Fu Band Floppy Brim Hat, a staple that I’ve seen on every street style blog I follow and have wanted for months. I also layered a ton of old necklaces!


Boohoo has paired up with bloggers all over the country to let them state their style! I’m super excited to represent Illinois and share with you how wear my Boohoo here at home! Now tell me – where are you from and what are a few staples in your wardrobe?