Blogs that you should read!

Something that people might not know about bloggers is that we have a huge network. There really isn’t a such thing as an independent blogger – we need each other. Whether it is to answer questions, promote each other, or offer support when we get overwhelmed, bloggy friends are everything. I am so lucky to have an amazing group of friends who I can really count on, not only are they the sweetest ever but they are incredible bloggers.

I have been getting a lot of comments lately from you all asking me for blogger recommendations so I thought this would be the perfect time to not only share my favorite blogs with you, but it’s also giving me the opportunity to brag about my crazy talented friends!

Want to find some great new blogs to read? I have a list of my favorites - check these lovely bloggers out!


Dezzie, Darling is a blog written by the lovely Dezzie that encompasses musings, thoughts and conceptions on beauty, faith, travel, and life. Currently she is studying abroad in Paris and traveling through Europe! You don’t want to miss out on following her through her travels!

Positivity in Life is a lifestyle blog written by Kathrynne a totally sweet blogger who is sure to put a smile on your face. Her posts are uplifting and inspiring. I highly recommend you check them out if you’re ever feeling down!

Hello Scholar is an amazing blog written by Hannah, a graduate student who takes you through her life in her wonderfully crafted blog posts. Anything written by her is guaranteed to be a delight to read! She gives advice that feels like it’s coming from a big sister, and she’s absolutely adorable to top it all off.

Vanessa is a self-described professional city girl who started out as a fashion blogger, but her blog slowly transformed into an incredible lifestyle blog that follows her on her adventures in the professional world. I love her blog because it touches on so many topics – you’re sure to find something you’re interested in!

The first thing you’ll notice on this site is the adorable theme – I have serious envy! After the theme draws you in, I promise you’ll stay to read about the adventures Jess has. While you’re there make sure to check out her about me page, it’s one of the best I’ve seen! Her posts are mostly lifestyle, but fashion posts and book posts make appearances, too!

Child of Ponderings is written by Sarah-Elizabeth, and is a lifestyle blog focused on beauty and culture. My favorite section is her travel section, but I promise you that it is all gold! Her beauty reviews are fantastic, as well!

Ana writes at Figuring Out My Ever After, a blog that touches on fashion, beauty, random musings, fitness, and health! I admire how much work she obviously puts into her posts, which are amazing! Her post on What to do in New York During the Holidays gave me major wanderlust!

Paige posts about lifestyle, travel, fashion, and food. Her posts are accompanied with great pictures that really draw you in! If you are in a sorority she has a ton of posts about sorority life and fun ideas pertaining to that, too!

Hannah’s blog is The Stressed Out College Student’s Destination – the perfect blog for, well, stressed out college students. She shares her tips for being a successful student (she has a 4.0!) along with anything else you can think of!

This blog is very new to me, but I became smitten rather quickly! Emily shares everything from beauty to fashion to book recommendations (I screenshotted the post to take to the library!) and everything in between! This is truly such a versatile blog and I really do hope that you all check it out!

This is a lifestyle blog written by sorority girls around the country. And while I am not in a sorority at Illinois, I still thoroughly enjoy reading the posts, as not all of the posts are about sororities, and many of the ones about sisterhood can be applied to any group of friends!

This lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog is amazing. Becca writes like she’s talking to a friend so her posts are super fun to read and she always posts a ton of photos so the posts are super thorough! My favorites are her beauty posts – she is amazing at describing the products!

Norkor’s blog is a faith and lifestyle blog, and she also talks about afro textured hair from time to time. The pictures on her blog are basically all of my photography goals ever – she is amazing! My favorite section in her blog is under explore, and she details her decision to take a gap year. It makes me quite envious that I didn’t do the same!

This lifestyle blog has a little bit of everything and I really enjoy reading it! The Inspiration Boards that Rachel posts are fantastic and really do have me inspired! Her 25 before 25 list is also really great and I recommend you check it out and get inspired to make your own list!

Noor is a lifestyle blogger who is incredibly talented! Not only is her blog beautiful, but in a recent post she mentioned she was getting into calligraphy, and I am so impressed! ( Noor also spotlights other bloggers from time to time, which is super fun to read and get to know other bloggers through her!

This lifestyle blog is written Tia, a college student living in the city. She blogs about everything from college life to city life. She also has a great bucket list that I recommend you check out! I love reading them for inspiration on what to add to my own!

I love Coming Up Roses! Erica is just a really fun blogger who doesn’t take herself too seriously and I love that! You can check out her outfit posts which is a perfect example of her fun personality! Her posts are super detailed and great reads!

This is a must read lifestyle blog! Kate posts about life, her favorite things, books, and dogs. All of her posts are accompanied by large high quality pictures and lots of links so there is plenty to explore!

This great lifestyle blog is a wonderful read for any student! Orly blogs about a ton of college related things that are super fun to read and also really helpful! I love her ‘how I use my planner’ post!

This is another lifestyle blog with a huge focus on college (like mine!) Emma posts a ton of pictures on her blog which really helps you get to know her, and her posts are super fun to read! Her how to pull an all-nighter post will have you smiling – because if you’re in college I promise you can relate!


No Repeats or Hesitations is written by the lovely Emily who posts gorgeous outfits along with some lifestyle posts, too! I know Christmas is over, but I highly recommend you check out her gift guide for the broke college student – it is fantastic!

A Pop of Pink is a fashion blog written by Ellen, an adorable college student based in Pittsburg. While the main focus of her blog is fashion she also does a weekly round up called ‘What I’m Into” where she links a bunch of interesting articles from outside sites and links to that week’s posts.

Ruya blogs over at Sweet Short and Stylish – an absolutely fantastic fashion/lifestyle blog full of great photography and a ton of style inspiration. In addition to fashion she talks about beauty, travel, and advice and all of her posts are such great reads! I couldn’t recommend this blog enough!

An Old Story is written by Hannah, an incredibly stylish girl (with amazing hair!) who has been a style blogger for five years! That is so impressive! On top of that, she makes YouTube videos, too!

“An Old Story is my personal style blog where I share my first hand stories while wearing second hand clothes.”

The Classy South is a southern style blog is written by Corbin (what a fantastic name!), a coastal NC Girl who dresses adorably and sprinkles her blog with fun posts like this one! (

“A Southern Style blog that aims to inspire others to share their passions as well as live more kindly and of course, stylishly!”

Erin focuses on fashion but dabbles into lifestyle as well and let me tell you – it will less than a minute minute for you to fall in love with her blog. Her fashion is incredible and the detail in her posts is absolutely fantastic!

This lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog written by Victoria is wonderful! She’s a college student aiming (and succeeding!) at looking fabulous on a budget. Her fashion is daring yet wearable and the photography on her site is incredible. This one is definitely worth exploring!

Kendall writes To The Nines, a fashion blog that focuses on staying fashionable on a college student’s budget. Her style is fantastic, and quite a bit like my own so I love reading her posts! My favorite part about her blog is she shares the price and where to find what she’s wearing!

JooJoo Azad  (meaning “Free Bird” in Farsi) is a fashion and social action blog written by a lovely blogger named Hoda filled has some of the best photography I’ve seen featuring personal style, DIY’s and posts educating readers about ethical fashion and social responsibility!

Liv Laugh Love is written by Olivia and is a fantastic fashion blog where you can find a ton of style inspiration! On top of the style, her cute doggie makes plenty of appearances in her pictures which is inspiration enough to keep checking back!

This super fun fashion and lifestyle blog is written by the very talented Krysitn and features outfit posts and trend reports, I am so impressed with the photography! She also covers events happening in toronto from time to time, so if you’re local to Toronto, definitely check her out!

This fashion blog also travel, inspiration, and life! This is a really great blog to read and Meredith has great style! She does a great job featuring the outfits beautifully without going overboard on the amount of pictures, which is something I really appreciate!

Styles I Like seems to feature a bit of everything (which I love!) but the main theme is fashion. Erin is a fantastic blogger and I am impressed by how often she posts – that’s dedication! I definitely recommend subscribing to this blog!


My friend Kat writes at Study Hack, one of my favorite blogs I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon! (You’ll see my face in the sidebar – I bought ad space and you should, too!) Her posts are perfect for any college or high school students and are super relatable. She has the best advice and you should all just really love her blog as much as I do.


Linda blogs over at The Fitty where you can find some serious fitness and health motivation. She blogs about her Paleo/Keto diet and has a really fun weekly linkup for bloggers that I keep meaning to join but life continues to get in the way.

“If you like bacon, we can roll.”

Kaila’s blog, Healthy Helper, is a must read if you want to start living a healthier lifestyle. She shares recipes and fitness inspiration and everytime I go on I feel motivated to lace up my shoes and head to the gym! Her blog also features the healthy hand project which I hope you all check out and perhaps even participate in!

Rebecca’s blog is seriously so great! She is so impressive and strong (check out her pictures in her about me! Her Yoga ones are awesome!) She shares workouts that any of you can do at home, and trust me, I plan on trying quite a few out!

The name of this blog was enough for me to become instantly smitten. Bree is an incredible fitness blogger who also touches on beauty from time to time, too. She also has healthy recipes that I am dying to try out! Her Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon sounds delicious!

Michelle is a fitness blogger – and a very unique one at that! I have read quite a few fitness blogs in my day, but she’s the only pole fitness blogger I’ve encountered! I learned a lot from her blog, and actually have it in my bookmarks to sift through when I have more time!

“I’m a fitness blogger – pole fitness, running, weights, reviews and vegetarian high protein experiments (really cannot call them recipes)!”

On top of being beautiful, this blog is super well written and helpful! Melissa is a lifestyle blogger and she also blogs about travel and beauty! This is another one of the blogs that went straight to my bookmarks for further exploring on a lazy day! There are so many great posts and so little time!

This blog about holistic health and nutrition is a really great read. On top of what you’d expect on a health blog, Hannah also has a great post on improving emotional health and does great product reviews, too!


If you are looking for someone exciting to live vicariously through – Sabina is your girl. At just 21 she has already traveled more of the world than most do in a lifetime. And luckily for us, she is taking us along on her adventures! I highly recommend anyone who dreams of travel check out this great blog – I could (and have) spent hours reading!

Alana is an incredibly travel blogger who also talks about food and sustainability. Her travels are super impressive and I really think you should all go and check them out! Plus her guide to hostels is super thorough and helpful!

This travel blog features a ton of great posts!  I love that short little update posts are sprinkled in making this blog full of quick interesting reads. This is another blogger who writes like she’s talking to her best friend, which makes reading super fun!


Jeanne posts about gardening and homemaking on her beautiful blog! What especially caught my eye was her post on butterfly gardening, which is going to be a must have for my future home! This blog is so helpful for anyone looking to create a beautiful home!

“Grow a life instead of just making a living.”

This blog is in my favorites bar and saved in a Google Doc for when I have to enter the adult world and have my own home. There are crafts, house updates, recipes, and really inspiring posts ( all accompanied with great photography. This is a must read for anyone who ever plans on owning a home or just wants to smile reading about Morgan and Sean’s lives.


All of my lovely readers should most definitely check out the Feminist Feline – a blog written by Corinne about women’s rights and pop culture from a feminist’s point of view. Corinne talks about what feminism really is and isn’t in a very informative way!

“…but feminism is no longer about angry, bra-burning, man-hating tirades.”


First of all, what a great name!! Jessica is a beauty blogger who also blogs about lifestyle from time to time. She does really great reviews and describes the products beautifully! She just recently did a post about natural products that I learned a lot from and I added a few items she mentioned onto my wishlist!


This blog is perfect for me because I am completely out of the pop culture loop! Dana blogs about celeb gossip, album reviews, and (my favorite!) seasonal playlists. What’s really great about The Whisper Box is that while it’s a Pop Culture blog, Dana still posts enough about herself that you feel like you know her!