My Short-Term Blogging Goal.

Making this blog has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life and among one of the things that I am most proud of. Watching it grow and joining the amazing community of bloggers I have found has changed my perspective on everything. I can’t describe the feeling of setting goals and blowing them out of the water. If you haven’t thought about it already, I highly recommend starting a blog, whether it be a free blogspot, or a very official self-hosted wordpress.

The Indie Chicks (a super cool site that you should totally check out!) is challenging bloggers to write out a short term blogging goal and a plan of attack. So I thought I’d take them up on the challenge as a way to announce some totally exciting news! So as you all probably know by now, I challenged myself this month by doing NaBloPoMo, and let’s be honest – I am loving the motivation the challenge is giving me, so I wanted to challenge myself in December, too. So what is December’s challenge, you ask?

My December goal: I am writing an e-book!

My newest goal is to have it written by December 31st, though the process of getting it up and available is likely to take longer. This is an idea that I have been toying with for a while now, but the idea finally just feels right. I am going to compile my best tips, social media tricks, and all of my other blogging expertise to share with you all! This has been a long time coming and I’m super excited to finally start production!

The Indie Chicks also wanted everyone taking the challenge to list three milestones to help them keep track of their progress. So while writing an e-book is going to be a series of countless little battles, I thought I would group the small challenges into three big umbrella categories that will really shape my project.

1. Create an outline.

I’ve already toyed around with outlines, but nothing has felt right yet. I feel just figuring out where to start is going to be one of the biggest challenges. I am hoping to complete this by December fifth. I know some of the chapters I want, but I also know that I’ll want to add more, and I want the chapters to flow naturally into each other. I am most definitely going to be battling with my inner perfectionist.

2. Flush out the chapters.

This is the part I am most nervous about. I write everything stream of conscious and usually revise two or three times before my blog posts go live. My biggest worry with the e-book is that I will be unclear in some spots because what makes sense to me is sometimes hard to get across. Of course I will have several friends help revise to ensure I am putting out the best product possible, but I am still a little jittery!

3. Create the art.

I am hoping to have it completely 100%s self produced, which means I will be writing, designing, and publishing on my own. I have been working to improve my graphics skills, but I know it’s going to take forever to come up with something that I am happy with!

So, that’s my big announcement as well as my three big hurdles! Have any of you ever written and e-book? I would love to hear your experiences!