Blogging FAQ!

In the bottom of some of my blogging posts I encourage you to reach out and email me with any questions that you might have. And I’m so happy to say that you take advantage of that! Unfortunately in the past months the volume of emails I’m getting has gotten to the point where I have a lot of trouble keeping up with my inbox.

I find myself answering the same questions over and over again which of course I’m happy to do, but I thought I could make things easier and save time for both myself and you by answering a few frequently asked questions here!

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How can I get more pageviews?

  • Post consistently – if you’re only posting once every week or two, your growth is going to be so much slower than if you’re posting at least twice a week. The more often you post quality content, the more growth you’ll see.
  • Be active on social media – People won’t just happen upon your blog, you have to show them! Create a presence on social media and promote your posts there! But don’t only promote your posts or else you’ll look spammy.
  • Concentrate on SEO – if you’re on wordpress download an SEO plugin and use it. Google is my second highest referrer and that’s because I spend so much time on SEO!
  • Write content that will help people. Before hitting publish ask what your readers will get from reading your post? Will they learn something? Be entertained? Is your post thought provoking? If not reconsider publishing!

How can I make money blogging?

  • Read this post about steps to take before monetizing your blog.
  • Follow all of the tips above – companies aren’t going to want to pay you to blog for them if your site is inactive or mediocre.
  • Reach out to companies! Be proactive and don’t just sit waiting for the brands to come to you!

How do you come up with content?

  • Think about what’s going on in your life – what can you draw from that? As a college student I give a lot of college advice, and in the next month you’ll get a lot of travel advice. Don’t overthink it, write about what you know!

Can I guest post?

At this time I’m not accepting guest posts, though once the school year starts back up I will be looking for guest posters and will put a submission form up on my contact me page!

Will you give me a shout out?

  • When I find a blog post that I love I will absolutely share it on social media, but when you ask me to give you a shout out it puts me in a tough situation! I get four or five people asking this each week and a lot of times I feel like I’m being used! You’re much better off asking me to check out your blog – that I’ll gladly do! If I find a post I love you bet your bottom I’ll share it!

Can you help me with this coding issue?

  • Unless it’s quite basic, I can’t! I recommend asking on a Facebook blogging community – you’ll have a lot more luck there than you will asking me! This is something I’m working on, I’m just not confident enough to give advice on it!

Helpful Posts.

Any other questions? Comment below and I’ll answer! And of course you can still always feel free to email me!