Bloggers you should be following.

Hello, lovely friends! This month I have not been nearly as active here as I’d like. Normally I’m not one for excuses, but I actually have some pretty good reasons. The beginning of the month I was very stressed (and I’m still dealing with some residual stress!), finals, a nasty bug, and I’ve been putting what energy that I do have into a project.

I plan on getting back to writing five days a week in the new year, something I really enjoyed doing most of the fall, but in the mean time I thought I could give you a few suggestions of blogs you might want to read!


Living Between the Lines

Megan writes Living Between the Lines and she’s the best. I’ve known her since I was twelve, and when the school year wraps up I will have spent about a tenth of my life living with her. She’s fun, she’s a bit sassy, and she writes really great college posts. Here, enjoy this six year old picture of us. Relieved to say we’ve outgrown that portion of our lives.

The Nectar Collective

Insert collective enthusiastic nods, am I right? We all know Melyssa and love her for her straight forward business tips, fantastic courses, and willingness to share all of her dirty business deets. But just in case you haven’t heard of her take this moment to hurry over to her blog. There are so many bloggers that I look up to, but none so much as Melyssa.

Coming Up Roses

Erica is a ball of fire and I’m so glad that I met her in New York this summer. She is full of fun, energy, and enthusiasm and you get that right away from reading her blog. She recently started sharing income reports, and they are fab. If you’re looking for some major #girlboss inspo, she should be your go to.


Barefoot Blonde

When it comes to lifestyle bloggers, Amber Fillerup may as well be queen. She is on top of everything. Putting out great content, the best photography, and consistency to boot. While you’re checking her blog out, make sure to head over to her Instagram to get cute snaps of her family because they are precious.

Gal Meets Glam

I originally started following Julia on Instagram for her great pictures taken in exciting places, it wasn’t until I followed her for a few months that I realized she was a blogger! Gal Meets Glam has fashion, beauty, travel, and more! All paired with the breathtaking photography that makes her so successful on Instagram!

Those are just a few of the blogs that I check on a daily basis but I’m always up for checking out new blogs. Let me know in the comments which blogs you are constantly checking, so I can find a few new blog obsessions!