How Starting a Blog Can Change Your Life

Anyone who spends any amount of time with me in real life knows I’m the world’s biggest proponent for starting a blog. No matter who you are, where your passions lie, and what your goals are: blogging can benefit you in a million different ways.

First off, starting a blog is easy. Trust me – I started mine on a serious whim in the middle of the night with no trouble at all. So if you’re trying to say, “but it’s too complicated….” then you’re really overestimating most of us bloggers. I’m flattered when people seem to equate blogging to rocket science, but it really isn’t.

Now onto the life changing stuff.


Blogging has changed my life for the better. It’s put me on a new career path, helps me make a living, and has introduced me to some of the most incredible, big-hearted people I know.

But enough about me, I want to talk about you and more specifically why you should start a blog.

You can make money

First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way: blogging is a great way to make money. While I tend to average around $2000 a month after expenses, there are some bloggers who are making upwards of $30,000 every single month.

If blogging for money is your main motivation you might end up a little disappointed, though, because it takes at least a few months to build up any real income.

Your blog is a living resume

Sure, you can keep the generic resume that every other candidate is turning in when you apply for a job, or you can link them to your blog that you are regularly updating with killer content.

Being a blogger shows that you’re dedicated, a talented writer, self-motivated, and the list goes on.

Even if your blog has nothing to do with the position that you’re ultimately applying for, being able to run and maintain a blog says a lot about you as a potential employee.

Blogging opens doors for you

Through blogging I’ve done some really cool things. Think walking in a fashion show in Chicago, moving to New York City, getting invited to New York Fashion Week, and even meeting one of my best friends.

When you have a blog it’s easy to find you. You never know who might stumble on your site when scrolling through Pinterest or Googling something. If the right person finds you, you never know what can happen.

Blogging gives you something to fall back on

Personally, I hope to make blogging my full time job in the next few years, but if you are going down a more traditional path, the money you make from blogging can allow you to be pickier on your job hunt, and less stressed about layoffs and downsizing.

Furthermore, if you are unhappy with your work environment now, if you have a profitable blog you might have more flexibility to leave and live off your blog income while you look for a new job.

That security blanket might end up being a blessing for you when you least expect it.

Blogging allows you to be creative

I love this one – I am in complete control of what I write about on my blogs. There is nobody telling me how to write or what to write about. Even when I do sponsored posts, I have creative freedom.

This outlet is a great way to connect with people and get my feelings out in the world.

As a blogger you feel an indescribable connection with your readers – I’ve talked to y’all about things I wasn’t ready to share with my real-life people, and you’ve helped me get through some rough times.

Blogging keeps you sharp

I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine through blogging. SEO, HTML, marketing, social media, the list goes on.

You learn a lot by being a blogger and it’s a good way to keep on learning and challenging yourself.

Blogging keeps you interesting

Along the same lines, blogging makes you interesting. Whenever I see anyone I knew in high school, or only vaguely know (aka I haven’t already talked their ears off about blogging) that is the first thing they ask.

Once people know you blog, especially if they know you make money, they are going to have a ton of questions. This means less awkward small talk and more talking about the things you’re good at.

Tell me about your blog in the comments!