The Bloggers Guide: Looking Good in Blog Pictures

Bloggers are forced to be the masters of a million different things: writing, SEO, social media, branding, and marketing. And most of us are the faces of our own brands so we also have to master the art of not looking like potatoes in our photos.

It’s been a long and wild ride for me, but a million awkward photos later and I finally know how to pose for pictures. Case in point – my first fashion blog post to my most recent:


One of these looks like a “first day of school” picture, and the other is a lot closer to the fashion ~AeStHeTiC~ that bloggers go for.

A lot of that growth came from practice, some from looking at how other bloggers are posing, but a ton came from ditching the tripod and remote and opting to work with a photographer. I shoot with one of my best friends, Desiree (midwest bloggers, hire her, y’all! She’s a game changer!) and my blog pictures have improved ten-fold and as a result my traffic and followers have, too.

I shoot with Desiree so often now that posing is practically second nature for me, and I’ve also learned some non-pose tricks for looking good in pics that I want to share with all of you.

Posing tip #1: Think about angles

I can’t remember where I saw this, but it stuck with me: make sure there is enough bend in your body that you’re making at least one triangle at all times. This might sound silly, and the first time I tried it I was way overthinking it, but soon it became second nature.

Angles are going to make your pictures look less stiff and add extra interest that would exist if you were just standing straight with your hands by your side.


Posing tip #2: Shift your weight

Shifting your weight to your back leg and slightly pointing the toe of your front leg will make your legs seem longer and more lean and define each individual leg. This trick creates really beautiful and flattering lines.


Posing tip #3: Don’t be afraid to look serious

When I started fashion blogging I fell into the trap of having one hand on my hip, ankles crossed, big smile for every single photo. I felt super uncomfortable and awkward doing anything but smiling, but serious pictures look awesome.

If you’re not ready to mean mug the camera, try getting some shots where it looks like you were paparazzied. Either way, throwing in new facial expressions can really spice up your pictures.


Posing tip #4: Good posture!

I know, I know. I probably sound like your grandma, but good posture goes such a long way in making your picture look awesome. You’re going to look more confident and put together and that will make for a beautiful gram.


Posing tip #5: don’t be afraid of looking silly

Try weird things and new angles – if they look silly, they look silly. On to the next. I am constantly making myself look like a fool in public to get the ‘gram, but it’s worth it when the picture ends up looking great. This can mean throwing your hair around, swinging your arms in a new way, or jumping around.


Posing tip #6: Angle your jaw to the camera

If you’re going for a profile shot, make sure to angle your jaw up towards the camera. This will help define your jaw bone (#jawgoals, anyone?) and separate your neck and face. It might feel silly, and even look silly in real life – but on camera it will make a world of a difference.


General tips for looking good on camera:

  • Indirect sunlight = everything. It might feel like it makes sense to go shoot pictures on the sunniest, brightest day – but I wouldn’t recommend it. Direct sunlight will cast strange shadows and distort that pretty face of yours.
  • When in doubt, lipstick. I’m not a huge lipstick wearer in real life, but I love it for blog photos because it adds another layer of interest to the picture. Even if my outfit is top notch, throwing in another element can really make a photo.
  • Colors/lighting/etc. not salvageable on an otherwise great picture? Consider turning it black and white – it will be a lot more forgiving and you will be able to hide any photographic imperfections that way.
  • Pile on the layers and jewelry. Remember, a picture should be as interesting as it is beautiful and adding jewelry or a blazer will add another element of interest. The longer you can keep people looking – the better!
  • If you’re working with a photographer make micro movements every time you hear the camera click. Shift a shoulder forward or angle your chin slightly up. These little movements will give you more options to choose from, and seeing the final product will help you learn your angles.
  • Learn what colors look best on you – no matter how many angles I make or how quality my smize is, if I’m wearing orange I’m not going to look good. I’ve learned that the hard way and now stick more to neutrals and blues.

I’m always learning, though! So I want to hear your best tips for looking great on camera. What are your secrets?