Bing Rewards.

Alright, let’s be honest here: We all would like getting rewarded for doing something that we would be doing anyhow, am I right? Imagine somebody giving you a starbucks latte for vacuuming the house, or a slice of domino’s pizza for running your errands? Unfortunately, if a program like that exists, I still haven’t heard of it. But on the bright side, you can get starbucks, dominos, and other great gift cards simply for using a search engine.

In this day and age if we have a question – we automatically pull out our smartphones to look up the answer. While I still don’t have a solution to your coffeeless vacuuming woes, I can tell you all about a program that rewards you for using a search engine: Bing Rewards! Through the rewards system the daily routine of searching for answers on your smartphone (or computer!) can have you walking away with some pretty great rewards.

After being introduced to Bing Rewards, I must say that I am rather impressed. Gaining credits takes no time at all, and the array of rewards are broad enough to make anybody happy. A cool feature of the program is that you can set your goal and it will tell you how close you are to reaching that goal!


As you can see I already have 23% of the credits that I need to get a five dollar Sephora gift card, and it only took me about ten minutes of time to earn those credits, not counting the time I was reading up on whatever it was I searched. In terms of gift cards they vary enough that anyone who decides to sign up with Bing Rewards can find a reward that they will be excited about. On top of the brands that I have already mentioned in this post they also have gift cards for Applebees, XBox Live, Amazon, Shari’s Berries, and so many more. Another interesting way you can spend your credits is donating to different organizations like Teach for America and Bing in the Classroom.

You might be wondering how to actually earn these credits I speak of. Well, that’s easy! You use the Bing search engine. Seriously. There are no hoops for you to jump through all you have to do is use a search engine – something that you likely do anyhow. You get one credit for every two searches you do. Online you are limited to 15 daily credits, while you are limited to 10 daily credits on mobile. That means you can get 25 credits (or 5 percent of a five dollar gift card) every single day just for using a search engine. But the credits don’t end there, you can also earn credits by inviting friends or sometimes they have other interactive ways for you to get credits, too! You can check those out on the Bing Rewards’ main page.

How do I use Bing Rewards? Lately I’ve been using Bing Mobile on my lunch break at work so I can check the days weather, recent news, and answer any questions that may have popped into my head throughout the day. When I get off work the first thing I typically do is go home and check my blog stats and social media sites – then I spend 20 or 30 minutes unwinding, and searching Bing in order to earn Bing Rewards is now part of my daily routine. I search for blogs, images, and people – all while earning points towards rewards. I was hesitant to make the switch from my old search engine that I’d been using for years – but I don’t even miss it!

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Have you ever used Bing Rewards? Tell me about your experiences down below!


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