Bing in the Classroom

Last week I turned nineteen which led me to reminiscing about the ‘good ‘ol days.’  My ponderings led me to realize that in just ten years a lot has changed in today’s youth. When I was nine I didn’t have a cell phone, and neither did any of my friends. We only went online to feed our neopets and email each other, and we most certainly didn’t have any social media accounts. But I realize now that a lot has changed – the little girl I babysit had an iPad before she even reached double digits, and 10 year olds are texting each other on their smartphones.

Now I can’t say that I am surprised – technology is growing rapidly and it really is incredible – but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit concerned. While most parents do a great job monitoring their children’s internet use and ensuring that they aren’t finding things that aren’t suitable for young eyes and minds, there are the parents who aren’t monitoring their kids as they should. I have a very sassy, but still very innocent little cousin who will be entering the second grade this fall. Her parents do an incredible job with her and unlike a lot of kids her age she would rather be playing outside then playing online which is great. And when she is online I trust she is being shielded by her parents and big brothers from icky sites, but outside of her home who knows what she could be exposed to.

The truly terrifying thing is that unless a child lives in a bubble, their parents can do everything in their power to protect them from inappropriate websites but still their peers can expose them to images and ideas that their minds aren’t ready to handle. In classrooms there are simply too many teachers for teachers to monitor every single student, but luckily that’s where Bing in the Classroom comes in.

Bing recently came out with a new program to be used in schools that helps ensure that students are getting the most out of their internet use. What the program does is it filters out adult content so that kids are protected, all while providing ad-free search for students so that they can find what they are looking for without being bothered by distracting ads! This allows kids to be able to see the internet as a safe place. Bing in the Classroom also provides digital literacy lesson plans to teachers as well, so your kids can search safely and have adults who are well prepared to help them learn to navigate the internet.

The part that I find to be the most exciting is that through Bing Rewards people can donate points to their school of choice to earn a Surface tablet! The school district I was in from kindergarten until graduation really isn’t doing so well financially, and it seems like a lot of districts are in the same boat – so the fact that there is a program that can help give the kids access to the latest technology at no cost to the schools is amazing!

Check out this great video to learn more, and while you’re at it join me in showing support for #adfreesearch!

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