The beginning of my journey.

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I knew for a long time that I wanted to start a blog. I am excited by the idea of strangers all over the world potentially reading what little ol me, blogging from my college dorm, has to say. I think that the potential to make new friends, and forge connections with people I would have no other way of meeting is amazing. And what better way to do it than via the world wide web.

For over a month I mulled over just what I wanted to say in this little blog. I knew only two things: I wanted to appeal to a wide audience, and I wanted to write helpful posts. Unless the author is living some fantastically interesting life or has an amazing talent of making the mundane sound fascinating, I have never been much interested in reading  blogs about a person’s day to day life. I believe that those blogs definitely have their audience, don’t get me wrong, but they simply never appealed to me personally. As a result I wanted people to take something from what I write, I don’t know what, be it inspiration or new found knowledge, just something.

I considered writing about cool “life hacks” only to come to the conclusion that I only knew of three or four. I thought about writing about college, offering advice and such; and that is something I plan on doing here – just not exclusively. I wanted to find a main theme. The idea of a place where I write about health and beauty as a main topic popped up time and time again – I pride myself in being fairly knowledgeable on those subjects but I felt that it would limit my audience.

Ultimately I decided it would be too hard to limit myself to just one theme; instead this would be a place where I would write whatever my heart desired; meaning yes – there will be a lot along the lines of hair and skin care, but I’ll also write plenty about other topics as well. Travel will play a huge part in this blog, though I have very little experience with it. It’s something I dream of doing, and I’m finally in the beginning stages of making these dreams come true.

I hope that there is a little bit for everybody here and that you stick around long enough to see what will come from this little blog of mine!