My Summer Beauty Routine

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With finals wrapping up I couldn’t be more ready for summer – no more late nights studying, dining hall food, or long lectures. Best of all, I am going to finally get to see all of my friends back home, I can’t wait for late night Steak & Shake runs and concerts down by the river with some of my favorite people in the world. My friends always seem to have another adventure planned, so in the summer I seem to always be on the go and my beauty routine and style typically reflects my busy lifestyle.


The summer time usually calls for a super quick beauty routine that leaves me looking good and feeling good. It usually consists of minimal makeup and a lot of skincare. My makeup routine is always super basic – a bit of foundation or concealer and maybe some blush. If I’m feeling really fancy I will throw in a touch of mascara and lipgloss.


While makeup is certainly fun, most of the time in my beauty routine goes to pampering myself. Soaking in a bubble bath with a face mask on and music playing is my ideal way to destress and unwind. While I’m there I will also deep condition my hair and shave my legs. In the summer I live in shorts, meaning my legs are constantly on display so having them super smooth makes me feel really confident.

My go to razor is the Schick Intuition – it features a cartridge that lathers and moisturizes for you and best of all it has a pivoting head that follows your contours making shaving your knees a breeze. I have never used a razor like this until recently, and it has been a complete game changer for me! Schick has a ton of great products, and they have something for every need! Their more compact razor, the Hydro Silk, has a built in moisture strip infused with marine extracts. In that same line there is the Hydro Silk TrimStyle that features a bikini trimmer on one side!  And when it comes to shaving – a great smelling shaving cream is the icing on the cake and I use Skintimate Strawberry Tangerine Twist – the smell is just the epitome of summer! You can find these products at multiple retailers – Meijer’s and Stop and Shop are just two!


After my legs are smooth I finish off with some coconut oil to moisturize and sunscreen before I go outside. When my legs look good, I feel like I can conquer the world and I love to highlight them with some heeled booties or a pair of wedges. Schicks inspires me to go out and rock my legs, but I take that a step further and use the confidence my beauty routine gives me to rock my life. A little bit of confidence goes such a long way in pushing me past my comfort zone, and that is where I tend to thrive.

Find out how my beauty routine inspires me to rock my legs - and my life!

How does your beauty routine inspire you to be your best? Let me know in the comments!

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