Beating boredom during long days.

I hope you don’t mind indulging me for a moment while I tell you about my Thursdays. Up until this semester, I had always dreaded Mondays for obvious reasons – but that’s all changed. Now Thursdays are the bane of my existence and for good reason! Thursdays have me getting up at 8 for my first lab of the day, and finishing my last lab at 7 in the evening. I do have a 2 hour break at 12:30 that affords me time to go home to make food – but the rest of the day I’m on campus.

It’s definitely not ideal, but I’m learning to embrace it.

The rest of my schedule is pretty easy going so I know I’m lucky, and I’ve been working on adding a few little boredom busters into my routine that are seeming to help my long days go by much quicker, and I know that most every college student (and heck, everyone in the workforce, too!) has to deal with long days very now and then so I wanted to share my tips with you! (Plus, stick around for a giveaway at the end!)

Get work done.

To some people – this in itself might sound boring – but I’m a workaholic and being unproductive drives me crazy. Even in my busiest days I find myself with some free time. My classes are back to back, so if the first one gets out a bit early, I might find myself with fifteen or twenty minutes to kill

Take that unexpected free time and do something you’ll thank yourself for later. Your long day is only going to get longer if you save all of your work until the end – so even with a small chunk of time you can get ahead on something that you would otherwise put off until later. Me? There is always something I can do for the blog, but because I’m usually in the school mood I will work on my muscle cards for anatomy, or flashcards for upcoming quizzes and exams.

Treat yourself!

Thursdays (and only Thursdays!) are my smoothie days. Giving myself something to look forward to on my most dreaded days makes the day a bit more exciting! Additionally, I always keep snacks in my bag – sometimes healthy snacks but more often, not.

As of writing this, I have a jumbo Nestlé® Crunch® bar in my bag (or should I say half of a jumbo Nestlé® Crunch® bar?) Sometimes just a touch of chocolate can really do wonders for lifting my mood and helping me get pumped for the rest of the day!



Come home to a clean room.

Ok, so I’m not trying to sound like your mom but if you’re living in a tiny little college apartment, messes are going to seem 100 times worse and coming home to clutter can add stress to what is already presumably a stressful day.

Each morning I make my bed, make sure my clothes are in my hamper, and get rid of any wrappers and trash that may have accumulated throughout the previous day. It takes about five minutes and makes such a difference. My bedroom is my space so I like to make it a bit like a personal oasis – making sure it’s neat and pretty and somewhere that gives off good vibes.



Plan a fun night after your busy day!

Thursday nights are the beginning of my weekend (no class on Fridays!) so I can afford to have late nights and I take full advantage of that always making sure to do something fun and relaxing that allows me to unwind. Whether that is watching a Scandal marathon with Chris, or a movie spa night with my girlfriends, I always make sure to plan something that will get me through  the day!



So when it comes down to it, my two biggest pieces of advice are treat yourself, and plan something fun for you. And I want to help you treat yourself! Nestlé® Crunch® has been so kind to let me host a giveaway on their behalf! I am giving one of you lovely folk $20 paypal cash to treat yourself during your next long day!

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