Back to school shopping: Tips & Tricks!

As much as it pains me to say it – the back to school season is officially upon us. I could kick my feet and throw a fit, but that’s not going to change anything, so instead I’m rolling with it! I’ve been pinning apartment inspo on Pinterest, preparing for my classes, and going back to school shopping.

Now back to school shopping is a challenge in itself – fighting through crowds, finding the best deals, and sorting through the tired looking notebooks that don’t get anyone excited for back to school.

If the sound of that makes you groan – then let me step in with some tips on how you can make your back to school shopping experience more exciting!

Back to school shopping!


Ditch the boring notebooks!

My past is marked by notebooks color coded by class. Red for history, green for science, and so on. It was an effective system, but a boring one. Now that I’m in college I am in college I’ve got a ton of courses on a specific subject so I had to ditch my old system and come up with something new!

Personally, I like to have really fun notebooks that can make me smile in the middle of a two hour lab. While DIYing is always fun, I have been devoting my time elsewhere so I was super excited to find some gorgeous notebooks from Sadie Robertson’s Live Original line with DaySpring at Walmart.

The notebooks have a ton of different inspirational and feel good quotes that can help pull you through long lectures.

Invest in nice pens.

This one only works if you’re obsessive about your writing utensils like I am (and I know a lot of you are!) – but nice pens make me excited to take notes because I love the way they glide over the paper. I’m always working on improving my handwriting and I really do think nice pens make all of the difference!

I’m also weird in that when I get a new notebook I am so nervous I’ll ruin it with smeared or bleeding ink – and with nice pens you’ll never have that problem.

Buy a journal.

A lot of people write journaling off for a number of reasons: they think it’s a cliche, they aren’t ‘the journaling type,’ and other things along those lines. But I truly believe that anyone can benefit from journaling and no two people have to journal in the same way.

Journals are a great way to vent, organize your thoughts, and jot reminders to yourself. The act of writing things down can help you release stress, but it can also help you remember important information. I have mentioned here before that I have half a dozen journals and I’m always collecting more.

The same line of Sadie Robertson Live Original notebooks has some super cute journals and they have my absolute favorite feature for a journal: an elastic band to keep it closed! Again, they come in a ton of great patterns and sayings, and of course because they are DaySpring the quality can’t be beat.

notebook1 notebook2

Finish off with clothes shopping!

I love picking out back to school supplies, but I really love picking out back to school clothes. With that goal in mind you can stay excited and pumped while you’re shopping for supplies! For a little inspo – here is my back to school style!


What is your number one back to school tip? Leave it in the comments below!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and DaySpring, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #DayspringSadieRob