Back to school: Backpack essentials.

If you hadn’t already realized it, I take back to school very seriously around here. I’m all for over preparing and oversharing when it comes to my back to school plans, so you’re going to be getting a lot of school posts in the coming weeks.

Today I thought I’d talk about a school essential: Backpacks, and more importantly what I’m putting in my backpack! My backpack looks a lot different in college than it did in high school, but there are some things that are just essentials! So whether you’re a seasoned pro, or heading to college for the first time – I really hope you can find this post helpful!

Wondering what you need in your college backpack? See what's in my backpack + tips and tricks for back to school!

My backpack.

(Want to know a secret? If you give Sakroots your email in the pop-up box on their homepage, you get 15% off and we can be backpack twins!)

First of all, can we talk about how cute this backpack is? Gone are the days of boring prints and standard designs – with Sakroot’s line of backpacks you’re sure to be going back to school in style! There are a ton of super cute prints that correspond with different charities, plus the style and quality can’t be beat.

This is the perfect size for college – it fits my laptop and notebook perfectly, and it isn’t ridiculously over-sized like the backpacks of years past.

What’s in my backpack.

My planner.


Ok, so there is something you all need to know about me: I am the proud owner of six planners. Yes, six. And no, I don’t have a problem! I am just planner/notebook/paperie crazy! Sticking with the Sakrooks theme, my latest planner is from them and I’m obsessed. The pattern is insanely cool (did you know elephants are one of my favorite animals?), it came with stickers, and the planner provides adequate room to write my daily to-do list. Want to see how I use some of my many planners? You can do so here or here!

Writing utensils.

So while I’m airing out my dirty laundry, I may as well mention that in addition to being a planner addict, I’m also a pen snob. I am very particular in the qualities a pen must possess, and I like to carry half a dozen acceptable pens with me at all times. In case you’re wondering my specifications, here they are:

The perfect pen must…

  • Be fine tipped.
  • Have black ink.
  • Not bleed into the next page.
  • Write smoothly.
  • Be comfortable in my hand.
  • Have a cap, not a click.

Like I said, I’m a pen snob. For some reason my handwriting is so much better when I’m using one of my pens as opposed to a pencil or any random pen.

A three subject notebook.

I like having 2 three subject notebooks each semester. Typically I have a group of classes that are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and another group that are Tuesday and Thursday. Having my notebooks for all of the day’s classes in the same place is crazy helpful in keeping me organized.

My laptop.

Typically I like to take my notes by hand, but it seems every semester I have that one professor that talks a mile a minute and the only way that I can possibly keep up is by typing. Plus, during breaks between classes I don’t like to always go back to my room, so having my laptop on hand can help me kill time.

Emergency supplies.

To me, emergency supplies means snacks, hair ties, safety pins, and feminine hygiene. Plus a few bucks for those days when I just really need Jimmy Johns.

My water bottle.

If you ever think that you see me but I’m not carrying a water bottle around, there is a good chance that you’re actually seeing an imposter. Or my doppleganger – and if that’s the case snap a picture for me – I’ve been on the hunt for years!

Like I said, I don’t always go home between classes, but I always seem to be thirsty. So I save time and money by carrying around a reusable water bottle and just filling it on the tap or water fountains.

And the random things.

If I’m being honest, this is what’s in my backpack in a perfect world. When class is really in session you can find my backpack filled with an assortment of random items and I can’t even begin to explain how they got there.

What’s the most random thing in your backpack? I want to know!

Plus, a back to school opportunity!

I’ve teamed up with Sakroots to bring you this post (Thanks for supporting the brands that support me!) and they have an amazing opportunities for me to share with you lovely folks! Sakroots has a Campus Circle Student Ambassador Program where college students work hand in hand with Sakroots to drive brand awareness!

Students nationwide are given tools to help orchestrate on-campus Sakroots sponsored events, extend Sakroots promo codes to classmates, and educate their campus on the Sakroots story.
Through this program, students also have the opportunity to earn college credit, obtain NYC based internships at company headquarters, and receive free swag!

If you’re interested in applying you can check that out here!

Want more back to school?

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