Baby Name Sibling Data

Hello friends!

I’ve embarked on an exciting journey to see if we can start predicting what someone might name their next baby based on the names they’ve given their previous children. To kickstart this project, I’ve been collecting data directly from real parents who generously submitted their kids’ names. The goal is to uncover patterns and trends that might help us make these predictions more accurate. While I’m still analyzing the results, I wanted to make sure the data was available to everyone. I’m working on identifying the most repeated sib-sets, the 

After a few hiccups trying to hire a developer, I am making this page as a stop gap. I imagined this would be a lot cooler, but until the professionals can get their hands on it, I thought this was a good starting point.

An interactive webpage is in the works to make this data exploration more engaging and user-friendly. However, I don’t have a concrete timeline for when it will be available. (I’ve been taking online coding classes, this might take a while) I appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as I work towards this goal. In the meantime, I’ll just share the spreadsheet here. To search for a specific name, hit “Control + F” (or “Command + F” on a Mac) and type in the name you’re curious about.

A quick note: Some silly gooses submitted troll responses. While I’ve done my best to delete these, there may be a few that slipped through. If you spot any, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know. Due to the occasional submission of vulgar entries, I can’t share the real-time submissions because some people have been exceptionally terrible with their submissions. However, I will be updating the spreadsheet every few days to ensure you have the most recent data to explore. Thank you for your interest and support in this fun project. Happy name hunting!