ASUS T300 Chi: The Ultimate Blogging Computer.

As a blogger, I might be a little more attached to my computer than even the average teenager. I spend countless hours writing, editing, and promoting my work on top of what you might expect a nineteen year old girl to be using their laptop for – Netflix and online shopping.

With all of the time I spend on my computer it is so important that I have a flexible computer that I can take on the go with me – I often try to get work done whenever I find a free moment, so I find myself with my laptop open in some pretty unconventional locations. I often find myself in empty lecture halls, parked outside of restaurants. Basically, I tend to chase solitude and wifi.


My old computer weighed about as much as I do and limited me on where I could work because of it’s pitiful battery life. Recently I’ve made the switch to an Asus T300 Chi and it has been a total game changer.

This is the perfect computer for on the go because it’s as light as a feather and so thin it’s hardly there. The computer is less than two centimeters thick, so it fits perfectly in my purse and so light that I forget it’s there. I often don’t plan on using my computer – but when the opportunity arises I like to take advantage of it meaning having my computer on hand is a must. The ability to tote my ASUS around with such ease is the absolute best!


Beyond it’s portability, my ASUS T300 Chi is an absolute powerhouse. Despite being a fraction of the size, it’s as powerful (if not more!) than my old laptop. It’s state-of-the-art Intel processors make it the fastest computer I’ve ever owned, and it has amazing battery life! I can use it for eight hours before having to frantically search for a power source. Now that the weather is nice, I like to spend as much time in the sunshine as possible, and with the incredible battery life, I can make anywhere my office, outlet or not!


The ASUS T300 Chi has a unique design featuring a beautiful all aluminum exterior and magnetic hinges connecting the keyboard to the screen, so the computer can easily transform into a tablet. The screen is a touch screen, making it perfect for creating graphics – I can use a stylus to add my own handwriting to images to give my blog a more personal touch and Lightroom works flawlessly on the tablet, making image editing more hands on.


The best part about the tablet? Curling up at the end of the day watching Netflix. This is the only tablet I’ve ever owned, and I didn’t know what I was missing out on! I can manipulate a tablet so much more effectively than I can a full laptop, so I can binge watch The Carrie Diaries at optimal comfort.

The ASUS T300 Chi has been such a great addition to my blogging routine because it is one less thing to worry about in my busy life. I can throw it in my bag, and use it to create (or play!) whenever I have time. Being a blogger there is a lot that I have to worry about, but now – my computer isn’t one.

I participated in the ASUS campaign as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free computer from ASUS to review but all opinions are my own.