April Blogging Income Report!

Happy May, y’all!  For the first time in a long time, I’m actually publishing an income report on the first day of the month. This feels like a cause for celebration.!April was a great month as far as blogging goes – I was able to participate in a really fun event and I planned a few

April was a great month as far as blogging goes – I was able to participate in a really fun event and I planned a few amazing collaborations that will be taking place in the next few months.

Best of all, though, is I was able to get caught back up. You may remember (or be sick of) hearing me describe how stressed I was juggling moving across the country, starting a full-time job, and keeping up with two blogs.

While I’m not completely back in the rhythm of things, I am somewhere around 80% there so I’m not complaining.


My focus in April.

The main thing I worked on in April was growing my social presence. That meant being more active on Twitter (I’m actually learning to like it!), posting more on Instagram, and being more proactive about replying!

I love blogging and pouring my heart into massive posts for y’all, but the interaction on social media is a little addicting. It’s nice being able to interact more in real time and I am eager to continue being even more active on social media from here on out.


I have also been spending a lot of time and effort on my YouTube channel. Up until this point I’ve only uploaded vlogs since moving to New York, but tomorrow a sit-down video is going live, y’all!

YouTube is a fun way to give you all a better look at what is going on in my life. I am always so tempted to write blog posts just updating you on what is going on in my life.

Then I have to remind myself that I’m not Beyonce, so the only person who would care to read such posts is my mom. (Hi, mom!)

With that said, YouTube is a great medium for me to use where I can say, “Oh, hey there! Look at what I did today!” and because I’m in New York and exploring the city it can be at least somewhat exciting and interesting for people to watch.


A quick note: 

I have been thinking over whether I should continue doing these blogging income reports here on Mostly Morgan or if they should be switched to my blogging and business blog.

Ultimately I decided that because I will be monetizing MT soon, too, I think it will be interesting to report the income for each individual site separately, as I am going about monetization in two very different ways.


Activate – $650
Hostgator – $525
Izea – $400
Collectively – $250
InfluenceHer Network – $245
BlogHer – $51
YouTube – $6.23
Amazon – $.28 (every cent counts, right?)
Total: $2127.51


LeadPages – $16.67
Adobe Lightroom – $10.61
Hosting – $6.83
Total: $34.11

GRAND TOTAL: $2093.40

As usual, I calculated the amount of hours that I would have had to work at a minimum wage job and came to 240 hours, or 60 hours a week.

I say this every month, but being able to turn blogging into a job has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see where my blog takes me in the coming months.

Question of the month:

So, I tweeted out asking for questions on monetization to answer, and my favorite question was: How do you get started?

I think that it’s a question a lot of newer bloggers wonder, but isn’t often addressed. And if I’m being honest, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula for getting started with monetization, but I do want to share some ideas:

First decide if you’re ready to get started.

“Wait, what?! Of course I’m ready, I want to make money!”

I understand the enthusiasm and rush when it comes to monetizing, but make sure that you have something to offer. A lot of bloggers start blogging and two weeks later find themselves frustrated when they haven’t made a penny.

While you work to establish your presence and gain authority in your niche, you will probably be working for free at first and that’s fine.

Companies work with bloggers to get the word out about their product and to convert sales. If you don’t have an audience yet the company won’t be seeing a return from working with you and therefore it will be a one-sided relationship benefiting only you.

Before you get started make sure you accomplish these goals:

  • You’re getting at least 100 unique visitors every day
  • Your audience is engaged and you get comments
  • You have a social media presence (even if it’s small)
  • You publish at least once a week.

Once your site is ready to monetize, there are several ways that you can go about getting started.

  • Sponsored Posts – this is how I got started, and it’s the route a lot of new bloggers take, too. There are a ton of networks, I wrote a list ages ago that you can find here.
  • Ads – I run ads in my sidebar through BlogHer, and a lot of bloggers use Google Adsense, too. I am not a huge fan of ads, but they are definitely an option.
  • Affiliate Networks – The only affiliate network that I use is Amazon Affiliates, and I don’t put in the energy that I should. Fashion bloggers do great with Reward Style and Shop Style.
  • Selling – I think this is the best way for bloggers to make money. There is a lot you can sell: e-books, courses, coaching, the list goes on. This gives you control!

I know it can be frustrating at first, but my biggest recommendation is to go through and apply to as many networks as you can and start engaging with brands on social media. Don’t pitch yourself until you’re on their radar first!

May Goals

  • Continue Networking: There are so many bloggers, brands, and opportunities in NYC. I want to continue taking advantage while I’m here!
  • Post twice weekly – I have been seriously hurting for time lately and it has seemed like a feat getting just one post up. I am going to step up my game and start being more consistent.
  • Building my list – I’ve been fairly passive about building an email ilst on both of my sites – and that is ending now. Lists are one of the most important assets a blogger has!