3 Tips for Throwing a Perfect Party!

Let’s be honest here, I definitely fancy myself as a ‘hostess with the mostest.’ I love holding gatherings of any sort. Despite being in college, I’m not big on partying in the way a lot of my friends are, but tasteful dinner parties? They’re my jam! And they’re made even better when phenomenal women are on the guest list.
If you have been hanging out here for a while, you might know that I am one of Lean Cuisine’s Phenomenal Ambassadors and in this post I’m sharing my best tips for throwing a great party. I have been working with Lean Cuisine to promote fab women for the past few months, so I was thrilled to be able to host a party celebrating just a few of the great women in my life. My time as an ambassador has really allowed me to think about and appreciate how lucky I am to be surrounded by great women, and it’s definitely sparked me to strive to be more phenomenal myself. IMG_8455
I’m Morgan, and I’ll be your hostess today.
Throwing a party was a really exciting way to celebrate the leading ladies in my life, and it was really easy and stress free! If you come up with a plan before hand and keep a few guidelines in mind, throwing a small bash should go off without a hitch!

Figure out the guest list. I’m no pro when it comes to huge soirees, but I can definitely rock the mid-sized party. My biggest piece of advice is don’t bite off more than you can chew – because that is stressful. I like a more intimate gathering for two reasons: logistics are easier and it’s more suitable for socializing as the hostess rather than running around making sure everyone is happy.  IMG_8457Food is a must. Whether you’re providing a full dinner or just  some snacks to keep everyone content, it’s not a party without food! Lean Cuisine was kind enough to provide food from their Marketplace line for my friends and I and I loved how that turned out. We all were able to choose exactly what we wanted (dietary restrictions in mind!) and we enjoyed a great meal. I did a little mixing and matching and ate the Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese (my ultimate favorite!) with some Pomegranate Chicken, too!

There’s also Sweet And Spicy Korean-Style Beef and Spicy Beef and Bean EnchiladaLean Cuisine has recently reorganized into sub-lines that make choosing your meal a breeze: Marketplace for chef-inspired recipes, Craveables for more indulgent, casual dishes, Comfort for the classic home-cooked comfort food, and Favorites for the classic fan favorites. Here is the Lean Cuisine product locator so that you can see where exactly they sell these specific dishes in your area!

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Liven things up with decor! Now you don’t need to go all out with this, I’ve got my candy dishes and a few fairy lights up in the background and that in itself created a festive mood! A few things that you might want to consider is cleanliness (you want to make an inviting atmosphere!), seating so that everyone is comfortable, and setting the vibes of the party with music and lighting.

Throwing parties can be stressful – but if you just keep a few things in mind you can really simplify things! As long as you’re not over committing to elaborate dreams of Gatsby-esque parties, you should be fine so long as you are in good company! You can also connect with Lean Cuisine on Facebook and TwitterWith the holidays coming up, are you planning any fun group parties anytime soon? Who are the phenomenal women in your life?