The Busy Girl’s Guide to Waking up Happy

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Something I don’t think I’ve officially announced here yet is: I’m moving home. If you’ve been following along, I’ve been living in NYC for the past six months or so, but my time is coming to a close. Quickly.

In fact, my flight to good ‘ol Illinois takes off in just over 24 hours and while I’m excited to move back, there is a lot that I’ll miss in the city, and I’ve learned a lot since being here.

One thing I really surprised myself with, though, was learning to be a morning person.

An honest and true “let’s not sleep the day away” morning person. When you work 9:30-6:30, it’s hard to find time for your own projects, and by the time it got dark out I didn’t want to do any work anymore so I started waking up early to finish my to-do list everyday and transformed into the most enthusiastic of all morning people.

Waking up early was never my idea of fun, and chances are a lot you aren’t thrilled about the idea, either. BUT! That doesn’t mean that can’t change. I’ve got a few tips that (hopefully!) will help make your mornings run more smoothly.

Ditch the alarm

“But Morgan! However will I wake up?!”

OK, so maybe don’t ditch the alarm entirely, but consider opting for a soothing alarm tone that eases you awake – or my favorite – a noiseless alarm.

I have a bracelet that starts vibrating to wake me up, though there are also alarms that gradually get brighter and brighter to ease you awake.

All I’m saying is that I don’t think anyone’s ideal morning involves being screamed at by a blaring ringtone straight out of the early two thousands.

Get hydrated

One thing that changed my mornings forever has been drinking a quart of water right when I wake up. Your body becomes very dehydrated while you sleep, and it’s up to you to help rehydrate and get your morning off on the right foot.


You probably won’t be able to drink a quart right away the first morning you try – but if you gradually have more each morning eventually you’ll wake up craving that water and you’ll be able to drink it down no problem.

If it’s cold out I will also opt for tea to warm me up before my water – though that’s certainly not a problem now!


I know a lot of people demonize caffeine – and I myself am even trying to cut back a bit – but this is all about waking up happier and personally a dose of caffeine in the morning is just what I need to put a smile on my face.

So long as you don’t need become dependent on caffeine to get your day started, a little dose here and there never hurt anyone!


I’ve been munching on the SnackWell’s Biscuit Thins (French Vanilla is my favorite!) because they are delicious and a healthier choice than my old go-to granola bars. The biscuit thins are made with real coffee and free from high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oil.


They are great for getting your coffee fix on the go and even have encouraging words printed on them to cheer you through your day! I found mine at my local Walmart and there is even a coupon!


It’s great to start your day with a snack, and even better if it’s a good source of protein and fiber!

Set a to-do list

I like to make a to-do list at night before bed and I section it off into morning, at work, and evening.

My morning to-do list is always pretty easy. It might just be editing pictures or formatting a blog post in addition to my regular to-dos of stretching and getting ready for work.

Adding an easy-t0-accomplish to-do in your morning will help get you pumped to take on the day and help you feel accomplished right off the bat.

Listen to music

I’ve been living alone for the last 6 months and have realized that too much silence makes me feel very lonely. A bit of cheerful music not only helps get my day started on the right foot, but it helps me get moving (I can’t help but dance!)

If you’re looking for playlist inspo, a few of my favorite artists are: The Wombats, The Fratelli’s, and Airborne Toxic Event.

Have a routine

A night routine and a morning routine are important to helping your mornings go smoothly. I like to go to bed at the same time after going through the same routine of showering, watching my YouTube subscriptions, jotting in my journal, and calling my boyfriend.


Your body adapts to routine and by being consistent eventually waking up easy won’t be terrible, but it’ll come naturally to you.

Do you have any routines that help your mornings go more smoothly?

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