Winter Skincare Routine for Dry Skin.

I am most definitely not a winter person. Between the bitter cold, hazardous driving conditions, and layers of clothes I’m forced to pile on – I just don’t see the appeal. And as if those complaints weren’t enough, my skin freaks out in the winter. My lips crack and peel like nobody’s business and my skin gets flaky and rough. This is something I’ve been dealing with for as long as I can remember, and while I still don’t have a perfect system, I am able to minimize the impact the cold weather has on my skin following this routine!

Dry skin is the worst! If you suffer from dry skin in the winter, check out a super effective skincare routine to help hydrate your thirsty skin!

Morning Skincare

I’m starting with the boring one! I can’t wash my face again in the morning or my skin gets too dry, so I keep it super minimal.

  1. I splash my face with cold water then pat it dry.
  2. I rub a bit of coconut oil between my hands and put a thin layer on my face. It looks greasy for a little bit, but soaks in after several minutes.
  3. I have my yummy skin, hair, and nail vitamins from optimal solutions. These are delicious and I really do think they make a huge difference! For a huge throwback, I featured them in one of my first ever (slightly embarrassing) posts!

Like I said, my morning routine is boring. At night is when it’s exciting!

Nighttime Skincare

This is a little more intense. Still it’s not incredibly fancy, but it does make a difference!

  1. If I wore makeup I will take it off with a bit of coconut oil and a tissue or cotton ball.
  2. I use my Purity Made Simple Facial Cleanser by Philosophy every night! It is super gentle and doesn’t have any unnecessary ingredients that are going to dry my skin out any further. I’ve used this since I was sixteen and it’s my absolute favorite!
  3. Once or twice a week I will also use my Clarisonic Mia to exfoliate. In the summer I use it more, but my skin is just too sensitive in the winter. This really makes a huge difference in brightening up my skin and smoothing it out!
  4. If my skin has been acting up I will use my Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner to tone and hopefully calm my skin down. I use this every single day in the summer, but like I said my skin is just too sensitive during the winter.
  5. Again, coconut oil! I can’t explain how great it is for helping keep my skin hydrated, I’d be lost without it. I use a ton at night and pull my hair back into a braid so it doesn’t get greasy.
  6. I sleep with a humidifier and I think this is probably the biggest game changer in my routine. I only started doing this about two months ago and now oftentimes I will wake up with perfectly hydrated and plump skin. It doesn’t give magical results every night but it happens quite frequently now when it never did before. If you have super dry skin I highly recommend in investing in one of these to see if it helps!

Like I said, my system isn’t perfect but it has made a huge difference. If you have dry skin you know how painful and annoying it can be, so hopefully this helps you a little bit. I am always looking for skincare tips to help hydrate my skin so I would be beyond appreciative if you left your best tip down in the comments below!

  • I have normal skin with a very oily t-zone and then during the winter the area of my skin closest to my hair line gets very, very dry. Coconut oil is my absolute favorite thing to use in many of my routines, including using it as a hair mask and lotion. I take the same hair, skin, and nails supplement and absolutely love it! And I’m going to have to check out the Clarisonic, I’ve only heard good reviews on it.

    • I know – it is fantastic! And I love it as a hair mask – though it is so hard to get out afterwards. But it’s definitely worth it!

  • Kat (Study-Hack)

    Ah coconut oil sounds amazing and so natural! It’s too bad my skin is crazy oily, I would have soaked my face in it.. 🙁

    • It is really the best! A lot of people like to cook with it, too!

  • Great regimen! thanks for the tips!

  • Dionne Dean

    I’ve been using Ocean Salt by Lush to exfoliate and it has been a great help. Coconut oil is the BEST! Great tips!

    • I have never tried that – but I love Lush so I might have to check it out!

  • I have the worst dried hands during the winter and nothing ever seems to work. I never thought to use coconut oil though! I guess I’ll give that a try!

    • If you put coconut oil on and then gloves you’ll see a huge difference! My knuckles crack sometimes and doing this overnight heals them right up!

  • I’ve never thought to use a humidifier! I will be digging it out of my kids’ closet TONIGHT!!

    • It has been such a huge game changer for me! I hope you see the same great results that I have!

  • Theresa

    Good ideas. I wouldn’t have thought of so many of these too… especially coconut oil on my face.

    • Coconut oil has been my go-to for over a year now. It is absolutely fantastic!

  • I just started using coconut oil? Do you find it is too greasy/oily and makes your skin prone to breakouts?

    • Hi Amanda!
      I know this may seem random but I work part time for a company that makes organic coconut oil and coconut oil skincare products, and I’ve had to do a lot of research about coconut oil as skin care products for them. I have really oily skin, but since I get free products for my work I decided to try it out since I’ve heard so much about coconut oil helping acne in the research I’ve done!
      Apparently there’s some sort of science behind it, but oil is known to beat other oil. So coconut oil can be used quite successfully as a way to get rid of that oil on your face. Now, it doesn’t work for everyone since everybody’s skin is different, but I was really surprised about how well it worked for me. What I did was I would use coconut oil all over my face to remove my makeup at night (it’s great because if you get it in your eyes it doesn’t sting, and it makes your eyelashes grow longer!) and then I would wash my face with a normal acne cleanser afterwards. I found that starting with the coconut oil sort of released the oil on my skin to be taken away by the cleanser. My skin has seriously never looked this clear before.
      Anyway, long story short: it works for most people without making their skin greasy or oily 🙂

      Hope that helped!

    • Dani really did a great job covering this, but I’ll throw in my two cents, too!

      My skin is so dry that it’s only oily for about ten minutes after I put it on – then it soaks right in! It actually really helps with my breakouts. I really don’t break out very much anymore unless it’s hormonal. So it’s done wonders for my skin, but I know that everyone’s skin reacts differently to different regimens!

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