I’ve always been lucky – growing up I had countless incredible women to look up to. My mom, my grandma, aunts, and cousins – plus women outside of my family. I do realize that not everyone is quite as fortunate which sparked the idea of a new series for here on the blog. Every month or so I will be featuring a woman on the blog who has done something amazing or inspiring. Considering the number of great women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my life – it’s safe to say that this series will be going on for… View Post

Last week I turned nineteen which led me to reminiscing about the ‘good ‘ol days.’  My ponderings led me to realize that in just ten years a lot has changed in today’s youth. When I was nine I didn’t have a cell phone, and neither did any of my friends. We only went online to feed our neopets and email each other, and we most certainly didn’t have any social media accounts. But I realize now that a lot has changed – the little girl I babysit had an iPad before she even reached double digits, and 10 year olds are… View Post

I would be a liar if I said that part of me didn’t want to be Mia Thermopolis. In case you aren’t familiar, Mia Thermopolis is the crown Princess of Genovia. She was swept away by her grandmother Clarisse and transformed from a socially awkward wallflower into well, a princess. And a darn good one at that! But before she was swept away to her castle, she lived in a really cool firehouse turned apartment with her mother in San Francisco. Her mother is an incredibly creative artist, and she introduces Mia to balloon art. So what is balloon art? In… View Post

Alright, let’s be honest here: We all would like getting rewarded for doing something that we would be doing anyhow, am I right? Imagine somebody giving you a starbucks latte for vacuuming the house, or a slice of domino’s pizza for running your errands? Unfortunately, if a program like that exists, I still haven’t heard of it. But on the bright side, you can get starbucks, dominos, and other great gift cards simply for using a search engine. In this day and age if we have a question – we automatically pull out our smartphones to look up the answer. While I still don’t… View Post

Stepping outside of my comfort zone is something that I’ve always been hesitant about. I am a lot of things, but brave hasn’t always been a quality that I’ve possesed. In fact, starting this very blog was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I’ve had two blogs before mostlymorgan, blogspot ones that I told nobody about. The first one was a failed venture when I was fourteen, but the second I took more seriously. I wrote posts that I was proud of and that I thought other people would really like – and I was right. One post took off on… View Post