This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. I’ve gotten used to long distance relationships by now. Freshman year of college I was in Illinois, my boyfriend was in Iowa, my best friend was in Texas, and a brother-like friend was in Ohio. Fast forward and I was living in New York away from everyone I knew for half a year and I’ve got this long distance thing down pat. I’ve mastered the handwritten letter (with beautifully decorated envelopes to boot!), and I can express myself over Facebook message like a champ. With everyone moving back to school now, I’m brushing up on my long distance game with care packages and notes to remind my people how much I love them. If you want to make a care package for your college gal, I teamed up with Babblebox to give you a few suggestions! They sent me a few gift ideas, and I wrote a few notes you can include in your package. A little overview… FUJIFILM’s INSTAX Mini 70 GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Egg Pan Zebra Pen Assortment Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Flip Balms Simply Sensitive Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths The FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 70 Instant cameras are… View Post

Anyone who spends any amount of time with me in real life knows I’m the world’s biggest proponent for starting a blog. No matter who you are, where your passions lie, and what your goals are: blogging can benefit you in a million different ways. First off, starting a blog is easy. Trust me – I started mine on a serious whim in the middle of the night with no trouble at all. So if you’re trying to say, “but it’s too complicated….” then you’re really overestimating most of us bloggers. I’m flattered when people seem to equate blogging to rocket science, but it really isn’t. Now onto the life changing stuff. Blogging has changed my life for the better. It’s put me on a new career path, helps me make a living, and has introduced me to some of the most incredible, big-hearted people I know. But enough about me, I want to talk about you and more specifically why you should start a blog. You can make money First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way: blogging is a great way to make money. While I tend to average around $2000 a month after expenses, there are… View Post

For those of you who don’t know – I moved back to Illinois from New York about 3 weeks ago. I lived in New York for half a year, and while it was a great experience, it turns out that the big city doesn’t mix too well with this Midwestern girl. The fast pace, fragrant streets, and general grime stressed me and my skin out. Growing up I was #blessed with pretty docile skin. Redness here and a hormonal pimple there, but never anything too severe. Well, that all changed when I moved to New York. Between clogged pores covering my nose and angry red spots on my chin and forehead the grimy air definitely impacted my skin in a not-so-glamorous way. I spent more money than I’d like to admit on facemasks, spot treatments, and toners thinking that I’d stumble upon that one holy grail item that would make my problem skin a thing of the past. Long story short: I didn’t. Well, not until after I moved back to good ‘ol Illinois. Originally I thought that moving home would solve all of my skin woes, but as it turns out when you move from a dirty and grimy… View Post

Periods. Periods. Periods. There. Now that the initial awkwardness is out of the way and everything is out in the air I want to talk to you all about something that’s actually really important. But oftentimes taboo (let’s break that taboo, yeah?). And if you hadn’t already guessed, I’ll be acting as your internet big sister and talking about periods. Or more specifically, feminine hygiene products. The taboo that comes with periods means that a lot of girls don’t know their options. Until a year ago I’d only ever known about pads, tampons, and panty liners and for almost 10 years I cycled through boxes upon boxes of hygiene products, and I don’t even want to begin to think about how much waste was created and how much money was wasted. Now? I use the Diva Cup. Silly name, awesome product. If you haven’t heard of menstrual cups, they are reusable silicone cups that you use in place of tampons. If your instinct was to cringe – don’t worry. That was my first reaction, too. When I first heard of menstrual cups the words “dirty,” “unhygienic,” and “gross” were quick to come to mind. In actuality, though, menstrual cups are none of… View Post

I’ve been through a lot of changes in the last year: battling depression, leaving school, moving to New York City, working at a tech start-up, moving back to the midwest, and now adjusting to working remotely and balancing blogging in the midst of all of it. I look at how stressful the last year has been but I also realize that this time of change is just a part of growing up and everyone my age has either experienced that stress or will be very soon. I’m by no means an expert at handling stress (I’m known to hole up in my room and listen to Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis album on a loop to hid from any and all stressors) but I have gotten pretty good at handling change. I’ve learned a lot, and while I still have a lot to learn I’m sure, I wanted to share my top five tips for dealing with change in your early twenties: Focus on quality The quality of the people you spend time with, the things you own, and the effort you put into the things you do. When I was younger I was so focused on having as many friends as possible (including… View Post