Alright, let’s be honest here: We all would like getting rewarded for doing something that we would be doing anyhow, am I right? Imagine somebody giving you a starbucks latte for vacuuming the house, or a slice of domino’s pizza for running your errands? Unfortunately, if a program like that exists, I still haven’t heard of it. But on the bright side, you can get starbucks, dominos, and other great gift cards simply for using a search engine. In this day and age if we have a question – we automatically pull out our smartphones to look up the answer. While I still don’t have a solution to your coffeeless vacuuming woes, I can tell you all about a program that rewards you for using a search engine: Bing Rewards! Through the rewards system the daily routine of searching for answers on your smartphone (or computer!) can have you walking away with some pretty great rewards. After being introduced to Bing Rewards, I must say that I am rather impressed. Gaining credits takes no time at all, and the array of rewards are broad enough to make anybody happy. A cool feature of the program is that you can set your goal and it will… View Post

Stepping outside of my comfort zone is something that I’ve always been hesitant about. I am a lot of things, but brave hasn’t always been a quality that I’ve possesed. In fact, starting this very blog was a huge step out of my comfort zone. I’ve had two blogs before mostlymorgan, blogspot ones that I told nobody about. The first one was a failed venture when I was fourteen, but the second I took more seriously. I wrote posts that I was proud of and that I thought other people would really like – and I was right. One post took off on pinterest and I panicked. I mean what if people I knew saw it. However illogical it was I was absolutely terrified of people finding out that I was doing something even somewhat out of the ordinary. So I deleted my blog and pretended it had never happened. About 8 months later I decided I wanted to create another blog and this time I took it seriously – I bought a domain name and used wordpress to mold mostlymorgan into what it is now, my own little corner of the internet that I am incredibly proud of. Not only is it amazing that… View Post

If you find this post helpful, check out my top packing tips for college students! Going into college freshman year is scary. Anyone who tells you anything otherwise is either lying or superhuman. It is fine to admit that you’re a little bit terrified of this brand new situation. Visiting somewhere where you know nobody is bad in itself, but when you’re being dropped off there and told “see you in three months!” you suddenly realize just how alone you are. I just finished up my freshman year of college and I have learned a lot. There is so much that I didn’t know going into college because nobody told me. I had unrealistic expectations and unnecessary worries. I compiled this list of things that I wish somebody would have told me before I entered my freshman year of college. 1. You don’t need to bring everything you own to school with you. I will admit I was overly thorough in my packing, and I regretted that trying to organize my dorm room. If you are debating whether or not you need to bring something, chances are that you don’t. I have a huge guide on packing for college you can see here for reference!… View Post

When it comes to moms, I lucked out with a great one. One who came to every cross country and track  meet, curled my hair for my very first high school dance, and let me dress like this: With mother’s day approaching, I’ve been thinking about my pretty mama a lot (her birthday is right around the corner, too!) Unfortunately both fall on the week of my final exams so I won’t be there to celebrate with her. Instead I’m writing this letter to all you pretty moms out there, from the eyes of an almost grown daughter who was blessed with a supermom. Dear moms… Thank you for supporting us. We know it can’t be easy – watching us make mistakes and pay the consequences. Thank you for encouraging us to chase our dreams, rather than making us worry about living up to yours. You are always cheering for any goal we have, even if our big plan for life is to become a construction worker, like mine once was. You may think that some of our aspirations are silly, but I promise you that it means the world to us when you support them anyways. Thank you for letting us be a daddy’s girl.… View Post

Normally, I like to write posts that can help all of you, my readers. Today I am writing a post to help me. For the past six months or so, my mind has been consumed with the thought of travelling. I want to go everywhere, I want to take it all in, and there are some people who simply don’t understand that. While most of my friends are worried about if they’ll be able to land a job after graduation, my mind keeps going back to the idea of travelling for a year before grad school. I’ve tried to explain this newfound passion several times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that at this point I don’t even understand why the desire is so strong. So here I am, trying to put words behind this inexplicable feeling. I am empty. Not in the angsty teenager way where I am distraught and unhappy. But I am empty despite having a full and happy heart. I once heard that your life is a shell and it is your job to fill it with whatever it is you are passionate about. I still don’t know why, but I am passionate about travelling. I am… View Post