So the plan for today was to launch a super exciting and fun giveaway, but unfortunately there are a few kinks I need to work out (don’t worry, it’ll be up tomorrow!) so with no backup plan I had to think on my feet. I have been feeling super nostalgic lately – looking back and remembering the good ‘ol days when the biggest of my worries involved worrying about Hannah Montana’s secret identity being leaked. My nostalgia lead me to watching my graduation video, which lead to more nostalgia and now here we are. Because it’s “throwback thursday” I thought it’d be… View Post

So, I know that the blogosphere is already way overloaded with holiday gift guides, but…I couldn’t resist. I’m queen of not knowing what I want for Christmas but I love shopping for other people. So in order to make my need to fawn over pretty things on the internet useful, I thought, “why not share the things I love, to help inspire YOU!” So this is my first holiday gift guide, but expect two or three more before the holidays officially arrive! 1.) Rhinestone Medallion Studs $3.90 I absolutely love Forever 21 for jewelry. They have such a wide variety for so cheap – these… View Post

Don’t hate me for breaking this to you but: Finals are coming up and there is nowhere to hide. They are approaching swiftly, ready or not. With that said, I am going to do everything in my power to assure that you are ready for the dark days that are before us. Unfortunately, assuring your success is a big task and I couldn’t do it all alone, so I enlisted a ton of brilliant bloggers to help me, help you. I have compiled the best study tips posts that I could find to help guarantee that you are all ready! All you have… View Post

I’ve gotten to the point in blogging where I’m getting a lot of emails from other bloggers asking for advice (which I absolutely love, keep ’em coming!) And I’ve noticed that a lot of people have the same questions, and that I am giving the same advice out to a lot of people. So I thought if I compiled some of my most common recommendations here, people could get answers immediately, as opposed to having to wait for me to respond! So if you are looking for advice on growing your blog, you’ve come to the right place!   Who… View Post

My roommate and I have finally gotten an ideal setup for the furniture in our room, but during the rearranging, all of the wall decor got torn down, so we were able to start fresh. Prior to the extreme dorm makeover (back when our beds were six feet tall and we had a huge, ugly wall of furniture) I had the stereotypical paint chip wall. While I will admit they are cool I had two problems with it: The wall was just overwhelming – it was too loud and really didn’t go with the rest of the room! It felt overdone. Everyone has… View Post