This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dunkin’ Donuts®. The opinions and text are all mine. As much as I complain about the cold weather – there are a lot of benefits that come from the changing seasons. Namely? The fall and winter holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas season means that my friends from across the country will be all in town, and that my huge extended family will all cram into one house for feasting and partying. This fall I’m planning a Friendsmas Party for my friends who are coming home from college. I haven’t seen a lot of my favorite people since last Christmas, so I’m already counting down the days. I’ve never thrown an official Friendsmas Party, but for years I was always the one planning events with my friends and having everyone over so it’s time that I brush off my hostess skills once more and I thought I’d share some of my Friendsmas prep tips with you. Plan in advance This is a big one – when everyone is home for the summer they have months of flexibility and free time so things can be more “go with the flow.” Chances are… View Post

Per usual fashion, I’m halfway through the month before getting this live – sincerest apologies. I know it’s cheesy and expected to say, but November snuck up on me and I really don’t know how it got to be so late in the month already. (Also, I need to start Christmas shopping – eep!) Now you might be thinking, “Why the heck is this internet stranger sharing how much money she makes with all of us?” And I get you, if I weren’t in the blogging world as deep as I am, I’d find it weird too. When I started blogging I had no clue that there was money to be made, and bloggers like Lindsay at Pinch of Yum, Melyssa Griffin, and byRegina all inspired me with their income reports. Furthermore, blogging has opened my eyes to a world outside of the traditional “college>degree>9-5>retire>die” track that I so desperately wanted to escape and if I can help open other people’s eyes to the potential blogging holds – well that’s a win in my book. WHAT I DID IN OCTOBER October was a really fun month for me, I worked on a few creative projects, the biggest one being my DIY Generational Halloween Post.… View Post

When I left for San Francisco I figured I’d be able to wrap up the trip in a quick and tidy blog post given that it was a quick sixty hours until we turned around and headed home – but man! We packed a lot into our trip so I thought it’d be more beneficial to break it down by what we did. First things first: If you haven’t been following along on Instagram, I was in San Francisco with my friend Tracey a little over a week ago and it was a crazy and exciting adventure. Between the highs of meeting up with a blog friend I first talked to nearly a year ago (heyyyyyy, Kelsey!) and the lows of getting my wallet stolen a lot went on that weekend. But my favorite place in San Francisco? Easy. The Muir Woods. OK, let’s be fair. Technically they are right outside of the city (after a breathtaking ride over the Golden Gate Bridge) but a quick Uber ride will get you there and then you’re off on your hike. I wish there were words to describe how beautiful and breathtaking the woods were – but really I’m coming up short. The pictures are impressive,… View Post

Breaksgiving. It’s the time of year where long distance relationships notoriously crumble. For most people Thanksgiving means coming home to see the ones you love, but for college students especially, Thanksgiving can be a bitter time of year. I’ll be completely honest – the first time Chris and I were ever long distance it was our freshman year of college and of course I’d heard the folklore around Breaksgiving and I was a bit uneasy coming home for the holiday. Fast forward a few years and needless to say, Breaksgiving didn’t break us, and I think that’s because we were very intentional about maintaining a strong and healthy relationship despite the distance. Long distance relationships are tricky. I’ve written about them before and I’ll probably write about them again because I’m a believer that if anything, distance can strengthen your relationship and I thought I’d share a few of Chris and I’s tips for surviving a long distance relationship. Quick FAQ Before I dive into things, I’ll answer a few questions that will clarify why I think that Chris and I are qualified to be giving this advice. How long have Chris and I been dating? Just over four years – our relationship survived… View Post

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AmLactin, thanks for supporting the brands that make Mostly Morgan possible! For the most part, I like to think of myself as a ray of sunshine. But unfortunately, when the days get shorter and the weather gets colder and the sun starts hiding, my own personal sunshine sometimes starts to hide, too. Long story short, I don’t fare well in the winter. In case you’re wondering, my list of things I like the least in life looks a little something like this: Being cold, chapped lips, winter, and sleet. This will be my 22nd winter, so I’ve learned to be a trooper and handle the cold and its negative effects a bit better, but I’m still always looking for new ways to survive the cold season. For all of my fellow summer-lovers out there gearing up for the winter, here are my survival tips for you. Winter Skincare For the entirety of my life, I’ve gotten irritating red bumps on my thighs every year transitioning from shorts to jean weather. They don’t itch or hurt, they’re just unsightly, and during my teenage years were a bit embarrassing, too. I never really knew… View Post