Whether you’re working in a creative field or you’re just passionate about something creative, sometimes it can feel a little bit isolating. When I started blogging I was the only blogger I knew and when I told people about it, I tended to feel a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed or ashamed, I just knew that people who don’t get it won’t get it. Not only was I the only blogger I knew, but I was one of the only creatives (for lack of a better word) I knew in general. None of my friends were photographers or artists, and I knew only a few people who would consider themselves musicians. I felt like it wasn’t possible to meet like-minded people because I was from a corn town in the middle of the Midwest. There was a little baby music scene, but the tight-knitedness of the show goers initially intimidated me. For a long time, I quietly creatived in private, making friends with other bloggers who lived thousands of miles away through Facebook communities and Instagram. There were a few blogging events I made the 3 hour trip to Chicago to take part in, but still… View Post

When people say that someone or something has changed their lives, I used to be prone to thinking that they were being dramatic. Now? I totally get it. Today is my third blogging anniversary and I still can’t believe all of the opportunities it’s given me and how much I’ve changed thanks to blogging. This time three years ago I was an awkward little nobody. Today? I’m an awkward little nobody with a blog. Kidding. But this time three years ago I felt like an awkward little nobody and I really wasn’t excited about the future. More than anything, I was scared. Beyond that – I was lonely. I was a freshman in college and everyone who I met put partying above all else and I’ve never been into that so making close friends was hard when everyone I knew disappeared to frat houses from Thursday to Sunday. I had a lot of friendly acquaintances, but no one I was super close to. Unless you count my three best friends who were in three different states, the closest six hours away, that is. I felt a need to start connecting with people again and the fact that I was already a semester deep and… View Post

A few weeks ago Chris and I adventured away from the blistering cold that is the midwest in January and headed to visit his family in southern California. I’d never been, and it’s been a few years since he’d made it out that way so it felt like a new adventure for both of us. This was our first time traveling together – and luckily for us it went pretty smoothly. Of course nothing is ever perfect and on our flight from the Quad Cities to Chicago we were still waiting to get off the plane when the gates closed for our connection. We stood in a long line waiting to get rebooked where we saw a lot of adults throw temper tantrums (bless everyone who works in an airport, you’re a champ!).  Us? We were pretty excited to get free food vouchers ($20 each, y’all!) and they put us up in a V nice hotel. No complaints on our part. We got to our hotel around 11 at night and had to be back to the airport by 5, so we were running on fumes when we landed in LA, but we did adventure and see the beach with Chris’s Aunt Vicky for… View Post

This post brought to you by Evolution Fresh®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Mostly Morgan. With the new year having just passed, people are making big changes in their lives. Me? I’ve never been the biggest fan of New Year Resolutions simply because they felt like a lot of pressure. With that said, I’m all about making small changes to improve your life without promising myself that I’ll lose ten pounds, run a marathon, and learn to ride a unicycle all in a year. I think often times people have that “go big or go home” mentality and think that if they aren’t completely eating clean or minimizing their possessions they may as well do nothing at all. I want to challenge that idea and encourage you all to look at the new year with a fresh attitude and a new set of habits that are going to make you feel healthier and happier. I came up with my own list of small changes to implement in 2017, and I thought I could share them with you. Stop relying on caffeine This is a big one for me – before moving to New York I hated… View Post

This post contains affiliate links. I’m a bit of an online shopping addict. My morning ritual includes checking my inbox which is always overflowing with promotional emails from my favorite stores and then exercising a great deal of self control because online shopping is rarely in the budget. When I do have a bit of extra $$$ laying around and am in a treat yo’self kind of mood I’m still careful to be savvy so I can stretch my money a little further. I like to think of myself as a bit of an online shopping pro at this point, so I thought I could share a few tips and my favorite sites with you. Tips for saving money shopping online Bear with me, some of these might be a bit basic but I want to start from the ground up – I know a lot of my readers are a bit younger and may have just finally gotten their hands on their first credit/debit card thus earning you the freedom to shop online without ma and pa knowing how much you’re spending online. Shop discount sites I do 75% of my online shopping on discount sites like HauteLook and… View Post