Easy Organization: Tips and Tricks

Organization: The one word that used to cause me to let out an audible groan. I was never the girl in elementary school whose desk was impeccably neat, and keeping my room tidy has never been on the top of my to-do list. But despite that, when it comes to school, I am surprisingly able to keep organization a main priority.

But if I’m being honest, until this year I didn’t care much about organization. I didn’t need to. My life was very easy going and lacked the hecticness that college so readily provided for me. So when I found myself severely unprepared for the whirlwind of commitments and due dates that this new chapter of my life brought, I had no choice but to get my act together, and quick.

I have advice beyond the basic organization of your office supplies, because lets be honest – your gel pens can be exquisitely sorted by both color and glitter content but that doesn’t change the fact that the rest of your life may be quite a mess in terms of organization.

These tips are designed with the college student in mind, as they were designed by a college student, but many or most are applicable to anyone who needs a bit of added organization in their lives.

Easy organization tips for college students and everybody else.

Sticky Notes

If nothing else, I recommend sticky notes. Have something you need to remember? Jot it down on a sticky note! Want to plan your week or your day? Jot it down on a sticky note! My collection of sticky notes has gotten to be just a little ridiculous. The small tabby ones are great for book marks, or posting in textbooks next to important material.

Easy organization tips for college students and everybody else.

Here I have an example of how I most often use my sticky notes: to plan my week, and then if I have some especially busy days I make sure to organize the important things that  must get done. They are stuck write on top  of my desk shelf, so it’s impossible for me to forget them.

Whiteboard for Organization

Easy organization tips for college students and everybody else.

My whiteboard changed my life for the better. I keep it set on top of my desk and it’s main purpose is my monthly calendar. On the right I have all of my important dates this month, and alongside that I plan my day every night before I go to bed. Having everything I need to accomplish motivates me, and there is nothing more satisfying than erasing something from my daily to do list.


Easy organization tips for college students and everybody else.

This one might sound like a silly tip, but it’s to organize your mind. You will think clearer and more focused if there aren’t a bunch of worries, abstract thoughts, and unwanted emotions getting in the way. I’ve always thought the best way to organize my thoughts is to write them down. I  have the blue journal where I write limericks and poems, some silly some serious. And then the red patterned notepad is where I jot down any brilliant thoughts that pop into my head, any worries I have, and anything that I can’t get out of my head. Once I write them down I can move on and go back later and sort through them.

Bonus: Study Tip

Easy organization tips for college students and everybody else.

The final piece of advice I have is specifically for students and it involves studying. Ah studying. The word we all love to hate. I used to be a terrible studier. My eyes would glaze over the pages in the textbooks and I’d call it a day. I learned real quick that in college, that isn’t going to cut it. So for any test I have I write a list of objectives down so that I can sort through them and cross them out as I go. Writing down an assignment for myself is far more effective than just “winging it.”

Bonus tip: Is your inbox flooded with spam emails daily? If you search “unsubscribe” on your e-mail search bar all of the emails that have that option will pop up, and you can spend ten minutes unsubscribing and you’ll never have to put up with those pesky emails again!

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  • Woooahhh… I’ve never thought of the “unsubscribe” search– that’s pretty smart. I have so many spammy emails like that from places I shopped at once and for some ungodly reason was willing to give them my email address.
    Great tips! I am an obsessive list maker. Nothing feels better than crossing something off 🙂

    • I had a professor teach me that trick and it blew my mind! Checking my email is 100x less stressful now!
      I don’t know how the stores always manage to get my email, I’m in the same boat as you!
      Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it 🙂

  • Jenna

    This is great! I love post-it notes and anything “organizational” like that. I often do an unsubscribe search to remove clutter my inbox and also find that it is helpful to set up my social media so that I don’t get unnecessary notifications that just waste time.

    • I love organizing, too! I find it fun.
      I still haven’t gotten around to setting up my social media so I don’t get email, but that’s really clever! Good tip! Thank you!

  • Post-it notes are my fave 🙂 great post, i could really use it lol

    • I love post it notes, too! I have far too many! Thank you so much for reading, it is much appreciated!

  • Great post Morgan. Although I resent your comment about my gel-pen collection… Haha Just kidding 🙂 Very nice thoughts on how to get organized. I especially liked the section about getting your thoughts organized. Sometimes I feel so scatterbrained that I need to just stop everything I’m doing and do something mindless, like Tetris or jogging (completely opposite ends of the spectrum, I know). But keeping a journal seems like a good idea. I will have to try that 🙂

    • No worries, my collection of gel pens keeps growing mysteriously, but they are organized exquisitely. I love jogging to clear my mind! Some thoughts can only be resolved by running, I think. Thank you for reading and commenting, Megan. I really appreciate it!

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  • Totally agree with sticky notes. They are a LIFE SAVER!!