Online shopping on a budget: The best sites.

So, my last post was all about saving money – today I am going in the opposite direction and talking about spending money. I love clothes and fashion as much as the next girl, but as previously discussed – I hate spending money. Which is why I am always on the look out for good deals and steals. I get so excited when I hear about new places to shop, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you! Online shopping is definitely a weakness of mine – it’s so easy and so fun! When I’m online shopping it’s great to just fill my cart and imagine actually buying everything in there – but I control myself (usually.) If you’re like me and you love online shopping but don’t want to spend a ton of money – I compiled a list of the shops I use to get the most bang for my buck!

Check for a list of the BEST places to shop online on a budget!


Oh, Hautelook. I absolutely adore this website. Everyday it has a bunch of new sales on the best brands that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford. I have gotten Steve Madden boots for just under forty dollars, Urban Decay foundation for five dollars, and a few other really cool big name stuff for super cheap. They often have Rachel Zoe, Betsey Johnson, Steve Madden, Stila, Lorac, and other brands for a steep discount. I highly recommend this website if you have expensive taste but an empty wallet.


Asos was my favorite place to look for dance dresses in high school. They have a ton of fashionable clothing for a huge range of prices. They have dresses from ten dollars to two hundred dollars. Their sales are amazing and their shipping is free. Plus, if you’re a college student they have pretty frequent sales offering you 25% off, and that’s awesome!


As much as I love Tobi, I will admit that it is hit and miss. They’ve started selling more and more club-esque outfits whereas I’m usually on the hunt for big comfy sweaters and fuzzy socks. But, I can still always find at least a few things I like there. You might look at the site and think to yourself, “they really aren’t all that cheap…” but what I haven’t told you yet: your first order is half off! Plus the do half of sales at least once a month!


I love H&M for cheap, cute clothes. I recently got two dresses and a super cute peplum top for less than forty dollars with shipping. They always have super cute in season items on sale, (like this great sweater!) and their shipping is fast and relatively cheap. I will caution you, though: their dresses often run super small. As in for any non-stretch dress I wear about 4 sizes up my regular size. So be wary and get to know their sizing system before you make an order!


If you have an event to go to and a slightly larger budget, then I recommend Lulu’s. I purchased several dresses for high school dances there in the fifty dollar range, and the quality was fantastic and the shipping was cheap. They have a huge variety of clothing, though I have only ever bought dresses. They have some incredible sales though!

Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway lets you rent super expensive designer gowns for a fraction of the price. There is a huge variety and they are all gorgeous. They also rent accessories so you can complete your look! Worried the gown won’t fit? They will send you two sizes, at no extra charge to you. This is a great site to use if you’re going to a ball or other black tie event and don’t want to fork over an arm and a leg for a dress you’ll only wear once. As an added bonus – the people who rent the dresses often upload photos of themselves wearing the gown so you can see how it looks on all body types!

Get a Discount at Student Rate.

Student Rate has a huge list of sites that college students can get discounts at. Plus they offer exclusive giveaways for their members and it’s free to join! Their discounts span over categories like clothes, travel, textbooks, and more! If you’re a student you should absolutely be a student rate member – it’s free!

What are your favorite places to shop online? I’m always on the search for great new stores!

  • I have to admit, I love shopping at Tobi! They give you random 50% and 30% off coupons which makes it so irresistible to buy something that you like there! I got a really cute blue off the shoulder dress there, and I’ve worn it literally everywhere.
    I’ll be sure to check out those other sites!

  • I LOVE H&M. They’re style is my style 100%. And I love that I could drop $200 and get an entire wardrobe full of clothes. Most places you can only get 1, maybe 2 outfits for that price.

    • Ugh. I just realized that I used the improper use of They’re… should have said Their…. I’m ashamed. Going to crawl into a hole and cry now.

  • Dana

    If you haven’t already you should also check out and Zulily. 6pm is essentially a name brand outlet that’s owned by Zappos and their selection changes all the time depending on what they have in stock. And Zulily is almost exactly like Hautelook.