November Income Report 2016

It’s that time again, I’m publishing my monthly income report. I’ve been doing these for well over a year now, and in that time I’ve learned a lot about making money online. From increasing my prices to finding sponsorships, I’ve made a lot of strategic decisions that have helped me monetize.

Through these income reports I hope that I’m able to help your realize what’s possible in the world of blogging, and answer any questions you might have about monetizing.

Now you might be thinking, “Why the heck is this internet stranger sharing how much money she makes with all of us?

And I get you, if I weren’t in the blogging world as deep as I am, I’d find it weird too. When I started blogging I had no clue that there was money to be made, and bloggers like Lindsay at Pinch of Yum, Melyssa Griffin, and byRegina all inspired me with their income reports.

Furthermore, blogging has opened my eyes to a world outside of the traditional “college>degree>9-5>retire>die” track that I so desperately wanted to escape and if I can help open other people’s eyes to the potential blogging holds – well that’s a win in my book.


I’m going to be honest with y’all – I took it easy. I was starting to feel stressed balancing my full-time job, blogging, and a social life. I took a trip to San Francisco with a girl friend and my boyfriend came in town for  a week and I didn’t want to be glued to my laptop while I was adventuring or with my boyfriend.

I took on less sponsored posts than usual and I posted less than usual. Had I had more notice that I was going to start feeling overwhelmed I could have done some planning in advanced, but at the beginning of the month I made the decision to take it easy and pick back up in December.

With that said, I did spend a bit more time on Pinterest than usual, promoting old posts to keep traffic up. While I did see a dip in November, it wasn’t as bad as it might have been thanks to Pinterest.



HostGator – $900 (Affiliate Marketing)
TapInfluence – $1000 (Sponsored Post)
YouTube – $43.97 (Ad Revenue)
BlogHer – $35.74 (Ad Revenue)
ShopStyle – $13.20 (Affiliate Marketing)
Amazong – $5.29 (Affiliate Marketing)
Total: $1998.2


LeadPages – $16.67
Adobe Lightroom – $10.61
Hosting – $6.83
Total: $34.11

Grand total: $1964.09

As usual, I calculated how many hours I would have to work at a minimum wage job if I wanted to make this much and I came to just under 224 hours or working 11 hour days Monday-Friday. Blogging comes to be more profitable than working for the average $8.75 an hour as many other 21 years olds might be doing.


Like I mentioned earlier, I’m picking back up in December. I’ve taken on a few more sponsored posts, hired a graphic designer to help revamp my Pinterest account, and I’m finishing my online course.

You might have read on the Teachable Blog that I’ve been creating an online course – well there were a few bumps in the road and other, more time-sensitive projects demanding my time so that got put on hold, but I’m back at it in full force now.

Most of my time will be devoted to course creation, but then I will be back to securing blog partnerships and working on creating great content at a larger volume.


Yes! If you are interested in making a profitable blog – I would be more than happy to help! I have an incredibly detailed guide to setting up a blog here, and from there you can check out my blogging tips (there are a lot!) and if you need any further help – ask in the comments! I absolutely love talking about blogging (my friends and family are sick of hearing about it!) so do not hesitate. I’m sure other people have the same questions you do, so the comments are a great place for people to get their questions answered!

  • sketchastyle

    as always you help me a lot, I’m a newbie and I read almost all your posts about blogging on your other site but I want to ask you how much traffic I have to get to be able to make money from my blog

    Do you do blogging services like branding and so if not can you recommend me some one to develop a wordpress blog

  • Always look forward to these posts because they provide so much insight and give me so many tips! Thank you as always 🙂

  • Mila S

    Omg Morgan! I love how real and honest you are. You teach me so much! I actually used your hostgator link a few months ago. And now here I am with my blog🙉

    Have been going through your blog religiously from then on.
    I’d love if you could do a post on how you actually use Pinterest to benefit your blog!

    x Mila ✨my blog 👉🏼

  • Danielle Daneila

    Hi Morgan, I tune in every month for these. For someone starting out, like I am, could you possibly slip in a monthly traffic report? Thank you for all you do! You’re beyond rad! 🙂

  • Ann Galloway

    I am in the contemplation phase, and am wondering how you make money from a blog? Like, how do you get someone to sponsor your blog, how often do you write, how much time do you actually spend on it per week?

  • Lara

    Hi Morgan, I just started a blog and this is really great to know. Thank you so much for sharing. you are awesome

  • Jordan

    Hi Morgan!
    I just read your post about How to set up your blog. I was curious; can you not host your site through wordpress if you are already using wordpress? Or did you just decide to use Hostgator out of preference?
    thank you!
    – Jordan

  • nice dear your income is increasing keep it up

  • I found your blog through one of your youtube video’s and I’m so glad I clicked through.
    I have a lot to learn about the international standards of working with brands even though I’ve been running my lifestyle Blog for over 3 year’s now.
    I’m soooo excited to read up on all the blogging tips regarding collaborations, whoop!
    I love the fact that my Surname is your first name, semi-twinning 🙂

  • N Lewis

    can you explain how you get traffic to your blog in order to monetize your blog?
    Look forward to hearing from you.