My favorite workout gear & $500 giveaway!

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Working out has always been such an important part of my life – I started running regularly when I joined my middle school cross country team, and from there I learned what an amazing stress reliever exercise is. Today I use my workouts as an escape and a time to clear my head from the stresses of college. As amazing as exercise is, nothing ruins my workout quicker than the wrong outfit. Hear me out – this isn’t about looking good at the gym, it’s about feeling good. And workout clothes that chafe, ride up, and cling will end my workout before it’s really even got started.

I’ve suffered through that fate more times than I care to remember until I found brands with quality I could count on. I recently picked out a few pieces from the Mountain Athletics from The North Face, and I was absolutely blown away.

When I work out I typically prefer to do so in just a sports bra, but my campus gym has a strict ‘no midriff’ policy, so I opted for the Printed T Lite Tank because it uses FlashDryXD, so it wicks away any moisture and is super high quality. Beyond functionality of the top, I just really love how it looks. Between the color and the pattern, I fell in love instantly.

For my outdoor workouts when I don’t have to abide by any dress code, I opted for the Bounce-B-Gone Bra. Going in I had no clue what to expect, but this sports bra truly lives up to it’s name. I don’t know how North Face managed to do it, but this bra is everything you could hope for and more. Due to it’s supportive, compressive, and high-stretch fabric it is super comfortable and keeps everything stable without feeling tight. Beyond that the fabric is super breathable, so you never feel gross or sticky wearing it.

The North Face’s Dynamix Leggings are phenomenal as well. I’m definitely a leggings girl, as I can’t stand the feeling of fabric brushing against my legs as I work out. These are by far the nicest pair I own in fit, comfort, and style. The material stretches, flexes and moves with my body seamlessly, no matter how intense the workout.

What I really love about this line is the functionality of the clothing – each piece is durable enough to handle the most rigorous workout, fashionable enough to wear to class, and comfortable enough to sleep in.
While I only tested out three pieces, I am am dying to get my hands on the rest of the gear! Some of my favorite pieces that I don’t own (yet!) are the Plyo Long-Sleeve Crew, the Pulse Jacket, and the Ma-X Shorts. There are a ton of amazing pieces for both women and men and I recommend that you check them out! 

I have teamed up with North Face to bring one lucky reader a $500 gift card so they can pick out some of the pieces mentioned here! 

The North Face Mountain Athletics Collection Give-Away!

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  • Aditi Mayer

    How exciting!! NorthFace quality always seem so great. Would love to win!

    • The quality is amazing! I am beyond impressed!

  • Ahh, that’s awesome! <3 I love North Face, but have always been too poor to afford anything by them! :[ I love the Printed T Lite tank! It looks awesome! :]

    • Oh, hopefully you win so you can try them out!!!

  • Angela Morabito

    Crossing my fingers for this giveaway! Gotta love cute workout clothes…especially just in time for summer running season!

    • I know! The timing couldn’t be any more perfect!!

  • Courtney Dunsmore

    I just posted a post up on the blog of my favorite workout clothes too-and you have good taste,a good tank or tee with a nice sports bra and some legging capris or full length leggings are my favorite! :)Fingers crossed here :p

    • Off to read that now!! And mine too, it is my go to workout outfit!

  • Aly

    Always looking for new and good workout clothes! Love the post!

  • Trixie Ann

    I wish I would have had a few of these items during my 13.1 last weekend!

  • ShesAMarshmallow

    These clothes seem awesome! Far better than the ones I own!

    • They are so nice, I’m very happy with them!

  • My friend and I are going to begin doing zumba in the fall, so I know we would love some new workout clothes!

    • Zumba is SUCH a great workout! You will love it, when I’m home on breaks I do Zumba and I always leave with a smile!

  • You’re so cute, Morgan! We should all get together again before school’s out!

  • Jennifer Dawkins

    <3 <3 both you and the clothes look awesome 🙂 miss youuuuu

    • I love you!! Miss you so much, can’t wait to see you this summer!

  • Tberisha

    Whats your favorite pair of leggings with a draw string? They always seem to fall down without the string.

    • Hm, I don’t own any with a drawstring! Have you tried going a size down? Leggings should be quite snug and then they will stay up!

  • Love this! The North Face is one of my favs 🙂

  • I want that tank so bad! I just adore the color. Maybe if I get cute work out gear like this I will be more motivated to work out. Lol. I wouldn’t mind trying out the jacket either!

    • The color is my absolute favorite – it’s so pretty!

  • tiffzny

    Lucky you! It’s so neat that you got to try out these clothes! 🙂

  • Becs

    I love the fleece jackets and wish I could try the leggings I absolutely adore leggings!

    • I don’t own any of their fleeces, but I’ve borrowed my friends and I am beyond amazed with how warm they are! I think they are going to be my first investment for the winter!

  • Willa Jacqueline Sharpe

    I have a north face rain jacket and I absolutely love it! Such a trusted brand!

    • I’ve been hunting for a rain jacket! I am going to have to check theirs out!!

  • Abbie

    Cute! Perfect timing since I’ve been eyeballing workout clothes for the past several days 🙂

    • That is perfect!! Shopping for workout clothes is a weakness of mine!

  • Madeline

    I love their Dahlia tank, and the Mia pullover top!

  • ikkinlala

    I have a North Face parka that I love – especially because it’s machine-washable.

    • Machine washable is so important! I am too lazy to use much of anything else!

  • Good luck! Do you have any workout plans? North Face has an awesome training app that I highly recommend!

  • The color of your shirt is AMAZING! I love it.

  • Great giveaway! I love North Face #WHActionHero

  • Amber

    I would love some proper workout clothes! I train at home when I’m not doing martial arts classes, and I am sick of wearing tracksuits and baggy jumpers! Fingers crossed 😀 love what you’re wearing!

  • Aleah Seemann

    The clothes look great on you!

  • Halaie

    I need some workout gear recently started trying to get in shape after having my now one month old baby (: