My Blogging Process.

This post is written in collaboration with Dell. All opinions are my own.

You guys know I love blogging – I talk about it all the time! Recently I started up a second blog all about blogging and business and I was worried that having to manage a second blog would make it overwhelming and less fun.


Luckily, all of that worrying was for nothing. My blogging process is second nature by this point, and adding a second site to the mix really wasn’t too stressful at all.

I like being able to blog as a job because of the freedom I have; I set my own hours, I write about what I want, and I am truly in control.



A little over a month ago I switched computers to the Dell Intel XPS 13 because it lets me have complete freedom that I have been chasing as a blogger.

There are a million different reasons why I love my Dell for blogging, but I really need to harp on three of the most important: the size, the card reader, and the battery life!

  1. I’m a small laptop girl, I just am. My first computer was big and clunky and just not portable. My Dell, on the other hand, is a 13 inch screen (on an 11 inch frame, thanks to it’s InfinityEdge display!) and it’s super light – making it perfect to throw into my bag when I’m on the go!
  2. This is my first computer with a card reader, and it’s changing my life, y’all. I am a bit of an airhead, it’s in my nature. Forgetting to bring my card reader with me when I’m out and about has caused me a lot of heartache in the past, but now those day are long gone!
  3. The Dell Intel XPS 13 has the longest battery life of any 13 inch laptop. I do a lot of work outside of the house, and not having to worry about getting a seat near the outlets at my favorite coffee shop is great! I can work where I want, so long as there is wifi! With up to 18 hours on a single charge and a battery companion that adds another 10, I’ve never had to worry about my laptop dying on me!

Coffee dates + work days at Milltown are my fave!

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Beyond using the perfect blogging computer, I’ve got a bit of a ritual, if you will, when it comes with writing my posts. Every blogger is going to have a different blogging process, but in case you’re interested, I thought I’d share mine with you!



More often than than not I already know what I’m going to write about before I sit down, which takes care of the hard part. When I’m writing posts, it is just stream of consciousness. I don’t have the patience or focus to deal with planning and outlining, and I feel like my voice comes across more authentically when I just write what I’m thinking.

I generally prefer writing outside of my room, but outside of the house is even better. The further away I am from my comfort zone the better I am at focusing. At home it can take me up to 3 or 4 hours to finish a post, whereas anywhere else I can have a 1000 word post written and edited in an hour.

I will be the first to admit that editing isn’t my strong suit, I get too excited and just want to hit publish! But in order to polish things up a bit, I’ve really been trying to be better about it! To edit I always preview the post as it’ll look in my site, rather than on the text editor, because I’m better at catching mistakes that way!


My camera timer and I have become the best of friends. I usually take my own pictures with the timer, my remote, and a tripod; though sometimes I can bully my boyfriend into taking them for me!

My editing process is pretty simple, as I’ve gotten better at shooting on manual I’ve really just had to focus on adjusting the blacks and whites in photos along with the exposure in Lightroom rather than spending an absurd amount of time color collecting and the works. If I need to make a graphic I’ll move on over to Photoshop and work my magic there!


I used to schedule my posts to go live in the morning, but then I realized that the time I published had very little impact on my daily traffic. Now I hit publish as soon as the post is finished, which is usually in the evenings.

I like to promote on social media the day after the post goes live, because as soon as I publish it’s already automatically touted once on Bloglovin’ and Twitter.

My biggest platform to promote is Pinterest, though I do have a bit of luck with Facebook and Twitter, too!

And I hope for the best!

Sometimes I can pour my heart, my soul, and countless hours into a post and it flops. Other times I will write a post in a flurry of passion and slap a graphic on it and for whatever reason it will go crazy on Pinterest and bring in a ton of traffic.

A lot of blogging is luck; you hope that the right person will pin it on Pinterest or that Google will smile upon you and bump your post up to the front page.

Do you have any rituals that go along with blogging?

Thank you, Dell, for the fab computer! Y'all rock my world!
  • Love it, girl! One thing I always do when I’m blogging is have two tabs open of my WordPress dashboard and as I’m typing one post, ideas come to me for others. So I use the quick draft feature to fire off drafts with titles of new posts I want to write in the future. I get most of my ideas for posts when I’m already writing a post.

    • That is such a good idea! I always come up with ideas and then lose them! I need to start doing something like that!

  • Blondes & Bagels

    Great post! I love hearing your thoughts on timing of publishing a post. I feel like we all spend so much time researching what times are the most optimal for every single thing we publish (Pinterest, Twitter, etc) so it’s super interesting to hear your thoughts on publishing a new post. Right now I tend to publish at midnight or 1 am, that way it’s fresh on the feed for most people as they wake up and get ready for their work day. But I hear you! Probably just makes most sense to hit publish and pay more detailed attention to scheduling social media promotions.
    Thanks for the insight into your process, Morgan!
    xoxo Kelsey

    • Yes! The only thing I’m super picky about timing is Pinterest, other than that I just hope for the best! If I ever get a nice arsenal of posts written I might start scheduling for a certain time, though!

  • Anonymous Gangster

    This is great. Exactly what I was looking for to help me with my blog. Thanks

    • Thank you so much, A.G.! I’m glad to hear that it could help you!

  • What a great post! Thank you for sharing your process. I like seeing the behind-the-scenes look at other bloggers’ styles. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! Behind the scenes posts are some of my favorite, too! There are millions of bloggers, but it seems we all do things just a bit differently and that’s so interesting!

  • Long batteries are a must have, especially for blogging! I’ll have to check out this laptop!

    • Yes! I don’t know how I used to function on my old one – I was lucky for 90 minutes of battery life!