Earn Gift Cards for Holiday Shopping!

Personally I love buying gifts for people, but unfortunately my wallet hates when I do anything of the sort. Holiday shopping always requires careful saving and sales shopping to ensure that I don’t break the bank, but with the help of a site called Swagbucks, I’ve been able to stress a little less. I actually wrote about Swagbucks here, and I noticed that a lot of you signed up using my link, which is awesome!

But then I realized that if so many of you are signing up, maybe Swagbucks would be willing to work with me so that I could get my readers a little extra to get them started for the holiday shopping season!

I emailed them and we were able to work out a deal for you guys! I have my very own promo code (I’ve never had one before!) that you can enter when you sign up for a bonus of 70 swagbucks! On top of that, as you finish your profile you get 30 swagbucks totalling 100 which puts you well on your way to your first gift card!

Sign up:

You can sign up with this link: Wow! Click me! Click Me! (This is my referral link!) Otherwise you can just go to their site. No hurt feelings!
The code is: MostlyMorgan (I know, not very original! But I cracked under the pressure!)

When you sign up you are going to want to click, “I have a sign up code.” and that will bring up a little box where you can type in MostlyMorgan (it’s case sensitive!)

Find out how you can get free giftcards for Holiday Shopping in just a few minutes a day! Super easy and it WORKS! Pin now and read later :)







Does it really work?

One hundred times yes! I wouldn’t endorse it if I didn’t 100% believe in it. I have been using Swagbucks for two years now and in that time have racked up quite a lot of points and in turn a lot of gift cards. This isn’t a sponsored post, I contacted them and before two days ago they had no clue who I was. I pinky promise that in just a few minutes a day you’ll be earning Swagbucks, too!

Here is one page of what I’ve earned:

Find out how you can get free giftcards for Holiday Shopping in just a few minutes a day! Super easy and it WORKS! Pin now and read later :)

And on top of that I have more Swagbucks that I am waiting to cash in! So I promise you that you can earn with very little effort, and if you check the dates that I redeemed the gift cards it was still in the beginning stages of my blog and I had zero referrals at that point. Those earnings were all me!

So I’ve told you how to get an account, and I’ve even pinky promised you that it worked, but how can you earn Swagbucks? Well that’s the fun part!

And for fun we will be calculating how much you can earn in a year, for doing the bare minimum! To start, remember that you have 100 through using the code MostlyMorgan and completing your profile!

Do the Dailies

These are super quick and self explanatory. Once you get an account they will be on your left sidebar and all you have to do is click them and complete the tasks. They are:

  • Daily Poll – answer a quick question, it’s that easy!
  • NOSO – hit skip until you get to the end.
  • Crave – Click whether or not you liked what you saw.

Yearly Swagbucks – 1460
Time taken: < 2 minutes a day

Download the Toolbar.

Having the toolbar automatically gives you 1 swagbuck a day in addition to the six you get for installing. Cool, right? That means over a year you get 365 Swagbucks just for opening up your browser. Passive income right there! 365 in a year might not be a ton, but they add up very quickly. Plus, if you have the toolbar it will alert you when there is a swagcode which earns you additional swagbucks throughout the day. If you are on when there is a swagcode just twice a week then theres an additional six.

Yearly Swagbucks: 682
Time taken: < 1 minute a day

Get the video app.

I like to play the videos while I’m doing something else, so I can passively earn. With swagbucks TV you get 2 for every 5 videos, and they have great “10 second tip” videos so you can get through really quickly. I like to have these playing while I craft (which is often) so I can just do my own thing and monitor. You can earn up to 36 swagbucks a day.

Yearly Swagbucks: 13140
Time taken: < 1 hour a day

Check Out the Reddit.

The folks here will post when there is a quick, high payout survey so you don’t have to waste your time sorting through! Usually the best ones I see are worth 400 swagbucks and take ten minutes or less! I check here once every few days and try to do two surveys a week.

Yearly Swagbucks (For 2 400sb surveys a week): 20800
Time taken: < 15 minutes a week


If you follow the steps above with the given time frames, you will ear 36082 swagbucks in a year! Which is enough to get $400 worth of Amazon giftcards! And of course you can earn swagbucks in other ways, too! Printing coupons, filling out your survey profile, and using the search bar are all ways you can earn more!

Now what?

There are certainly many, many more ways to earn Swagbucks, but those are my favorite! Explore the site, rack up some points and then treat yo self! I highly recommend getting $5.00 amazon cards, because they are only 450 swagbucks so you get the most bang for your buck, and Amazon has everything! With that said it’s also fun to save up and get a gift card from a store where you usually wouldn’t spend real money.

Have you ever used Swagbucks or a similar site? What did you get with your giftcards?

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