College Safety Tips: Spring Break Edition

Second semester is in full swing which means a few things: stress is at an alltime high, midterms are taking up your life, and spring break is just around the corner. That’s what you have to keep telling yourself, that is. Personally I still have an entire month before I go on break, and to convert that to college time I have 4 exams and 2 papers before I get the luxury of a one week break.

I am spending this time at home catching up with my family and friends who go to school way too far away. For a while I considered going on a super cool service trip with other students from my school, or visiting my best friend down in Texas. Ultimately I decided that I really needed family time (and to sleep in my own bed) but I am beyond eager to hear about all of the exciting adventures that my friends are going to be having.

But I’m also a bit worried. Spring break in college has a bit of a reputation. You all know what I’m talking about – the combination of an unfamiliar environment, the party all night attitude, and the feeling of invincibility can lead to dangerous situations that nobody wants to be a part of.

With those unfortunate truths in mind, I was beyond excited to work with SABRE to help spread awareness for Spring Break safety. SABRE is an incredible company aimed at educating and advocating for college-aged students by empowering them to take control of their own personal safety. They do this by providing informational content and they distribute personal safety supplies.

Sabre has a set of very important safety guidelines that you should keep in mind always, but especially while on spring break:

1. Party safely. Watch your drink at all times and don’t ever take anything from strangers. Make sure you are with people you trust.

2. Remember that there truly is strength in numbers. Never a leave a friend on their own and keep an eye out for your friends. Always make sure you have emergency cash on-hand and a charged cellphone. You never know when you might need it.

3. Especially if you are traveling internationally or in an unfamiliar place, it is always a good idea to have a business card with your hotel’s address and phone number on-hand. That way, if you ever get separated from a group or need to get back urgently you are always prepared. Also, it is always a good idea to have your personal safety tools with you and readily available. Even if you believe you are going somewhere very safe, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and prepared.

SABRE gave me a few products to carry (but hopefully never have to use!) and let me be completely honest in saying, they give me such an incredible peace of mind. I can walk confidently back to my dorm after a late night run to the Caffeinator without feeling the need to look over my shoulder every two seconds and I feel like now I have the tools to defend myself.

The first product I was received was the SABRE Campus Safety Pepper Gel. Now this isn’t your typical pepper spray – this has a gel formula which means that it is safe to use indoors and it decreases the chance of wind blow back. This also has a 12 foot range so you don’t need to get too close to a potential assailant before starting to defend yourself.

SABRE provides the perfect tools to keep you safe and confident!

I also got to try out a practice canister which gave me the confidence I need to make sure that I am really prepared should I ever need to spray somebody for real. This works exactly the same as the real pepper gel does, so I highly recommend trying this product out before being in a situation where you might need to use you Campus Safety Pepper Gel for real.

SABRE provides the perfect tools to keep you safe and confident!

The last item I received was the SABRE Personal Alarm. This tiny little device packs a big punch – despite being the size of my thumb, when activated it releases a siren noise of 110 decibels. To put that in easier to understand terms – this tiny little guy is as loud (if not louder!) than a rock concert. This is not only a great deterrent, but it also draws attention to your situation. The last thing an assailant wants is to get caught – if they think people are going to come investigate they aren’t going to want to stick around.

SABRE provides the perfect tools to keep you safe and confident!

Sabre offers many products beyond the ones I received – there are door alarms, drink tests, and so much more. You can access the entire list of items available on their parents and students page.

Remember: While you can’t always be in control of what happens to you – you can be in control of how you handle it. It is so important to educate yourself and give yourself the tools needed to stay safe.

Do you have any exciting spring break plans? And what are you going to do to make sure you stay safe? Share your safety tips down below!

  • I think this is so important and I have been a bit taken aback by how little girls know or care about their personal safety. I’ve known girls who go on walks until 3 AM and meet guys through Facebook and Twitter, and, when I find out about this, I’m far more concerned about it then they are, even though they’re the ones to suffer the negative consequences. Thanks for writing this!

    • Thank you so much, Emily! I agree, I am definitely the mother out of all my friends, and I have lost track of how many lectures I have had to give. It makes me so nervous that so many people enter dangerous situations, and aren’t even worried about it so they aren’t on high alert. If I am ever out later than I want to be I probably look like a mad woman whipping my head about looking for potential threats while walk/jogging back to my building.

  • In college I always carried my pepper spray with me everywhere. To me, it’s a no-brainer. It’s better to be prepared and hope to never use it than be in an unfortunate situation where you need it and don’t have it. I’d love to get the alarm, as well.

    Also, very unrelated to the topic, but the photographs in this post are stunning! The Canon DSLR is really working well for you, Morgan! 😉


    • Absolutely! I love how you put that, very true! I will have mine on my 24/7 now and probably (hopefully!) never use it, but I will feel better knowing it’s there.

      And thanks so much, Leah! You’re too sweet 🙂

  • I have pink pepper spray on my key chain! It is very important to carry, especially with how late some of my organization meetings go at night. Yes, I am always with a group when I walk back late at night (thank goodness for living in a popular area of campus!), but it’s always good to have that extra security. And it is also important to me that girls understand safety. We can’t just think, “that won’t happen to me.”

    • Definitely! I have definitely had the mindset before of “I make good decisions, so I’m safe.” But I have had to realize that people become targets completely randomly, and it can happen to anybody. It’s scary, but I actually feel safer now that I’m aware of that and actively trying to protect myself.

  • Tya

    This is perfect. I’ve never seen an alarm like that

    check out my newest post



    • I am very impressed with the alarm! I feel like it will do a fantastic job if (God forbid) I am ever in a situation and I need to draw attention to myself!

  • I have a pink taster :) – providing gossip on topics that every college girl searches for!