For me, summer means going on adventures with old friends, whether it be going to an amusement park, swimming in a lake, or taking a road trip with no predetermined destination.  With all of the posts on Pinterest detailing how to have the perfect summer road trip, you might think that they are hard to pull off, but let me tell you that with the right mindset the perfect road trip is easily attainable and requires very little planning. The perfect road trip only requires a few things: good friends, good food, a full tank of gas, and a sense… View Post

Something that isn’t a big secret about me is that I yearn to travel – my wanderlust hit me like a ton of bricks early last year, and I just haven’t been able to shake it. There are very few destinations that aren’t on my to-do list if I’m being honest with you. If I had unlimited funds, I would spend my life travelling and taking in the world. Unfortunately that is not a reality so instead I live vicariously through other bloggers and enviously read about all of their incredible travels. With that said, I thought it would be fun… View Post