If you follow a lot of blogs, you may notice some of them publish an income report. Despite that I have only been making any money at all for the past few months, I decided that I would start putting together a monthly income report as well. I struggled with this decision for a while, because I’ve always heard that it’s in bad taste to talk about money, but when it comes down to it I love reading income reports, I check Pinch of Yum everyday during the beginning of the month until theirs is up, and I honestly get so inspired by them. There are bloggers making careers out of their passion, and it’s amazing to see the potential this hobby of mine has. While I’m nowhere near making thousands of dollars a month, I am going to keep working at it, and these reports will help me monitor my progress! This month I made less than last month, and I can credit that to a lack of focus due to midterms, as well as a decreased online presence that resulted in a lot less visitors than normal. On the bright side, I was able to snag a few sponsored opportunities which… View Post