Happy February, everyone! It’s a new month which means it’s time to publish my income report! I’ve been doing these for over a year now in order to show bloggers that monetization is possible, to hold myself accountable, and to track my progress. I’m keeping this income report a little shorter than usual, because if I’m being honest – there wasn’t much strategy behind it. In the coming months I’ll be moving away from sponsored posts and ads, and I spent all of January setting up the ground work to do so. Before taking out expenses, I made over $2000 in January which is awesome, but that was largely from sponsored posts. Now there are some bloggers who are super anti-sponsored posts and refuse to do them. While I will be moving away from them in the future, that doesn’t mean I won’t do one or two a month, or that I think they are bad. I just plan on investing the time I would be corresponding with brands, sending drafts for approval, and ensuring all guidelines are met into creating my own products, something I spent a lot of January doing. What I did in January. Alright, like I said – every spare… View Post

Happy New Year, everyone! This income report marks my first full year tracking my blog’s income, and I am still in a bit of disbelief over my being able to turn this into a full time job for myself! If you’ve been around for a while you know why I do these posts every month, but in case you’re new, let me explain: To monitor my growth. I take blogging seriously, and it’s something I hope to do for the rest of my life. It’s exciting and inspiring to be able to track my numbers and see what does and doesn’t work! To be transparent. Ok, guys. There are a million and one ways that you can make money on the internet and most of them are pretty sketchy. I like to be clear about where my income is coming from so you don’t think I’m taking advantage of my readers! To inspire. Ok, lets be honest here. There are so many amazing girl bosses and business mavens roaming around the internet world, but a lot of them are tight lipped on how they are making money. And of course, to each their own. A lot of people think it’s rude… View Post

Happy December, Everyone! It’s a new month which means I am due to put up my income report! You all know why I do these by now so I’ll save you the spiel and jump into things. November was a strange month to say the least. I was under more stress than I’m used to dealing with, and some of my passion (temporarily!) fizzled out. That’s not something I like admitting, but I’m all about being open here. I turned down a few opportunities that I’m regretting, and I generally just didn’t use my energy towards being productive. At the end of the month my stress levels plummeted and my mojo came back in full swing, but now I’m playing catch up. That’s the tough thing about balancing college and a blog – both require an absurd amount of time, work, and dedication, and they are both very important to me. December means winter break (woohoo!) and that will give me plenty of time to destress and focus on building the blog. WHAT I DID THIS MONTH. So for the parts of the month when I wasn’t in a deep rut I focused mostly on video content and my course, still trying… View Post

I’ve been looking forward to November for quite some time now: November brings new adventures (I’m travelling twice!), a much needed break from school come Thanksgiving, and another income report! You all know the spiel by now: I’m not doing this to brag,  I write these to teach and inspire. I make money blogging, and you can, too. You don’t need a crazy amount of traffic, a crazy amount of time, or a crazy amount insider secrets to make money blogging and I’m proof of that. My traffic has been going down (yikes!) yet my income (before expenses) is continuing to grow. I am a full time student and it’s a good day if I can spend more than an hour blogging (I’m not spending hours a day working at this!) and I am 100% self taught. Before spending a penny on courses or consultations I hit 500,000 monthly views and over $2,000 in monthly income. Now that I’ve reached those benchmarks (even if they aren’t consistent!) I am creating a course (ready for launch in January 2016!) that is going to spell out step by step how you can start bringing in great money from your blog. MY MONTH… View Post

So I’m a bit later than usual with my income report this month –  sorry about that! But I’ve finally crunched the numbers and analyzed my analytics and despite lack of growth on both ends, I’m actually pretty excited about this report. I’m going a little more in depth and telling all when it comes to what I charge (something many bloggers keep very hush hush!) But before we get into that, I always like to add a little disclaimer about why I write these. People who I know in real life and are outside of the blogging world are always puzzled by this. Questions like, “Isn’t that bragging?” or “Isn’t that really personal to be sharing?” are common so I like to give a short explanation. These reports are written partially for transparency, partially to force me to do book keeping so I don’t have to stress come tax time, but mostly these posts are done to help newer bloggers. When I started blogging I found Pinch of Yum’s income reports and that’s when my eyes were opened to the eyes of monetization. Until that point I had never thought blogging was something people actually made money doing, so it… View Post