I’m introducing a new series on my blog highlighting my favorite products from my favorite brands. When I was younger (and a lot more broke) if I needed any type of beauty product I would buy the cheapest version that the drugstore had to offer with varying results. Sometimes my finds would get the job done as hoped, other times I’d be disappointed and my $3.99 mascara would sit untouched in a drawer until it was long past expired. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that it’s better to invest in things that I’ll love and actually use and have less than it is to waste money on 5 different versions of the same cheaper products trying to find something that I’ll like. The first brand I’d like to feature? Glossier. I’ll admit I was skeptical – when you see that much buzz about any brand on social media usually it’s safe to bet that they’ve put a ton of advertising $$$ behind that buzz and you aren’t actually getting a completely honest opinion. With that said, after seeing enough bloggers and Instagrammers that I admire and trust gush about the brand I thought it was worth a shot and I bought one color of… View Post

Essential oils are having their moment in a big way – every time I open Pinterest I see a dozen different oil focused pins, and essential oils have been popping up on my Facebook feed for months. To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. Before I knew more about essential oils and diffusers I thought they were glorified air fresheners. Fast forward to now, and I’m an essential oil convert. Around two months ago I cracked and ordered a Young Living Essential Oils Starter Kit thanks to encouragement from my boyfriend’s cousin (thanks, Katie!). Since then I’ve spent hours looking into the uses and benefits of each oil, and I’ve had plenty of time to play around with my starter kit. Now, I’m not an expert by any means, but I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can do a good job explaining essential oils to newbies, and breaking down the benefits of each individual oil. What are essential oils? Essential oils come from plants – they are the aromatic liquids that regulate plant function. Essential oils are to plants what the blood and immune systems are to humans. They protect the plants from… View Post

Happy Wednesday from your resident veg! If you didn’t already know – I’m a proud vegetarian inching my way to complete veganism. (Insert joke about how do you know if someone is a vegetarian – they’ll tell you – here.) I started phasing out animal products for health reasons – endometriosis to be exact, but knowing what I do now I would 100% stay vegetarian even if I knew that my endometriosis was completely healed and I wouldn’t be negatively impacted in any way. Going vegetarian wasn’t easy for me, I was “mostly” vegetarian for nearly four months before I finally committed, and even after that I cheated maybe once a month. Now I’ve only had one unintentional slip up since the new year (that I know of) and I’ve even helped a few of my friends cut meat out of their diets, too. When I was looking for resources on how to go vegetarian I had a lot of trouble finding blogs or videos that didn’t shame me for not being vegetarian already or feel preachy. In the year since I started my research I’ve since found a few favorite vloggers and bloggers that are sweet and never preachy… View Post

I am so frustrated. I am a health conscious person and I know a lot about living a healthy lifestyle. I know what foods to put into my body to make me feel the best, the bare minimum amount of sleep I need to function (I refuse to get less!), and how much I need to move around each day not to feel lethargic. And I know I’m lucky to know all that I do about health. I’ve done research, taken classes, and figured things out through trial and error. But a lot of people get their health advice from the media and newsstands and that’s just so frustrating.  Because the media knows squat about healthy living and every single time I go grocery shopping I am bombarded with magazine covers at checkouts touting low carb diets and low-calorie meals trying to convince people that calories and carbs are the enemy. (Spoiler alert: They’re not.) Last time I was at the grocery store though I decided I’d do something about it and address some of the most common myths that I see on newsstands and I hear perpetuated on social media and by my peers. Myth #1: Low-calorie diets are healthy &… View Post

For those of you who don’t know – I moved back to Illinois from New York about 3 weeks ago. I lived in New York for half a year, and while it was a great experience, it turns out that the big city doesn’t mix too well with this Midwestern girl. The fast pace, fragrant streets, and general grime stressed me and my skin out. Growing up I was #blessed with pretty docile skin. Redness here and a hormonal pimple there, but never anything too severe. Well, that all changed when I moved to New York. Between clogged pores covering my nose and angry red spots on my chin and forehead the grimy air definitely impacted my skin in a not-so-glamorous way. I spent more money than I’d like to admit on facemasks, spot treatments, and toners thinking that I’d stumble upon that one holy grail item that would make my problem skin a thing of the past. Long story short: I didn’t. Well, not until after I moved back to good ‘ol Illinois. Originally I thought that moving home would solve all of my skin woes, but as it turns out when you move from a dirty and grimy… View Post