I am back with my third installment of Sunday Steals & Deals, where I bring you the best deals on trending pieces! I’ve done dresses and hats, and now this week I am featuring summer shoes! In theory I am a shoe person, but when it comes down to it I live in my cushy Nike flip flops. But on days when I get past my laziness and actually put myself together I will pair my outfit with a cute pair of wedges or boots! I focused on finding sandals under $50 during today’s fashion hunt, because this summer weather… View Post

I am back again this week with the second installment of Sunday Steals and Deals, where I hunt for the best deals on popular items! Last week I found a ton of dresses for under $50, and this week I found 9 summer hats! I have always been a hat person – newsboy caps, fedoras, floppy sunhats – you name it and I’ve probably worn it. While I love cozy wool hats that the winter brings, summer hats are my favorite! I love how you can throw a hat on over bedhead and you instantly look breezy and beachy. Plus… View Post

It’s June! My favorite month of the year – it’s my birthday month, the first month of summer, and the weather is absolutely beautiful! But after how incredible May was, I am almost sad to see it go. May brought a ton of happiness through coming home for the summer, spending time with my favorite babies, and catching up with everyone! In addition May brought me some some exciting news (that will be shared soon!) and I broke some blogging records, too! With all of my free time in the summer I thought that it would be a great idea… View Post

I’ve toyed around with fashion blogging here on Mostly Morgan a few times before, but fashion blogging has never been fully integrated into the site. Because of that, I’m sure you’d never guess how much I love fashion – but I’m all about piecing together great outfits and experimenting with my style. In efforts to introduce a bit more of my style to the blog, I am introducing a new weekly series! Sunday Steals & Deals. Every Sunday I will hunt for bargains to make online shopping that much easier for you! Each week will have a theme, whether it be a… View Post

This post is in partnership with Chloe + Isabel through Smart Girls Media Sisters. I’ve been in a serious fashion rut for the past few months. Spring is coming painfully slow here in Illinois, and there’s just not much I can do with the same uniform of skinny jeans and sweaters anymore. I’ve been stuck in a vicious fashion cycle, and I’m ready to switch things up. After praying for sun to come out and play for weeks, I got lucky with an unusually warm day. Pair that with some gorgeous new jewelry, and I finally had the inspiration I needed… View Post