So if you live in the United States you are probably quite aware that today is Thanksgiving. I considered writing a list of things I’m thankful for, but that list is long. I feel it’s needless to say that I am thankful for my friends and my family and all of you lovely people out there. So instead I thought I would provide you with what I believe to be the anatomy of the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. “But Morgan, shouldn’t any ol’ outfit do?” Oh no, you’re mistaking. There truly is an art to perfecting your Thanksgiving outfit – you need to look somewhat nice to impress the relatives, you need to have stretch room for your post-feast belly, and you need to be comfy for the sleepiness that inevitably comes from the Thanksgiving meal. You see, there really is a lot to it. But no worries, you have me here to walk you through it! Thanks to my boyfriend, I was able to capture these (admittedly a little awkward and staged) photos of my Thanksgiving outfit! As you see, I’m working my high stretch jeggings. They are from American Eagle and are so soft that they might as well… View Post

Transitioning from being a kid whose only responsibility involves passing Algebra to an adult expected to function in the real world is scary. I try to come off as calm, cool, and collected; but lets be honest here: I am terrified of growing up. Recently I’ve had all sorts of scary terms thrown at me like: renters insurance, GRE, and the dreaded business casual. What even is business casual? Tell me business and I think a pencil skirt and blazer, tell me casual and you’re lucky if I brush my hair. And now you expect me to combine them? Please. Unfortunately business casual and all of the other silly dress codes are the reality for young professionals everywhere. As we enter the real world we have to face interviews, meetings, events, and so much more. Chances are some of these occasions are going to have a dress code tacked on to it and you don’t want to be one who shows up way underdressed, or overdressed for that matter. I did some research and combined it with past experience and put together this guide to hopefully help some of you fellow collegiates enter the scary adult world with confidence! Casual Fridays. Many workplaces have… View Post