So, the past few months I made a few mentions of how I was feeling down or overwhelmed. I try to keep things upbeat and happy here, so I never really got into it, but I was brushing things off and I need to get real with y’all for a minute. I wasn’t just feeling down or overwhelmed, I was depressed. I learned the hard way that depression can happen to anyone – even if your life looks perfect from the outside. My life felt like it was going in a downward spiral and there was nothing I could do about it. It all started with nightmare induced sleep deprivation and went out of control from there. I was paranoid and upset most of the time, and I transformed into someone I didn’t recognize. I’d always prided myself in being optimistic and upbeat, but my mind quickly shifted and I found myself thinking unusually dark thoughts. My mind would go from being terrified that no one cared about me, to wishing that was the case so I could disappear without hurting anyone in the matter of minutes; and I could feel the old me slipping away. Life went on like that… View Post

The countdown is on: Only 48 hours and 1 final exam stand between me and a month of relaxation at home and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m not going to lie, this semester may have crushed my spirits just a little bit but I’m ready to come back and crush next semester with the new found energy I’m hoping to acquire at home. A few things on my agenda this break are playing with babies, shopping with my momma, whipping up some creations on my sewing machine, and sleeping in the comfort of my own bed. But beyond that I’m looking forward to tackling some awesome projects over break. I’ve been teasing a bit on Twitter, alluding to a secret project (that will be launched January 1st!) but beyond that I’m looking to use my break to work on a few (less top secret!) projects, too. If you’re looking to come back from break a little more skilled than you were before, I rounded up some awesome resources that you can use to keep your mind sharp over break! Duolingo: If you haven’t heard of Duolilngo, it’s awesome. It’s a completely free language learning resource and it’s the best.  When I… View Post

As much as I’d like to ignore the fact that this coming week marks the beginning of finals, it’s sort of a big (stressful) deal. If you follow me on Twitter you might already know that this semester has definitely gotten me down, but with the help of some amazing guides my blogger buds have written, I’ve been managing to keep my head above water when it comes to juggling my work load and making decent grades. Last year I made a huge college study guide and it did really well, so I thought I would come out with a 2.0 version! I rounded up some of the best posts I could find on studying and stress relief that you can all use to help you get prepare for the inevitable.   The (ULTIMATE) guide to finals. How to Get Your Best Grades in College: So it’s already been pretty well established here that Sara is a college hacks genius, and this guide definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s detailed, organized, and super straight forward. How to Study Like a Pro: Here Taylor lays out all of the study tips you know that you should be using (but don’t) and let’s you know exactly how they are going… View Post

It’s that time of year again, when all of my relatives start texting and asking for my Christmas list. Ten years ago it was easy to come up with a list: I was hoping for friendship bracelet floss, craft kits. Now that I’m older I am lucky to be in a position where I don’t find myself wanting for much which is probably why everyone tells me that I’m so hard to shop for. Honestly though, I feel as though the college girl demographic in itself is hard to shop for. We are at that age where we are picky in style, we’ve outgrown toys but have nowhere to put appliances, and we seem to already have all of the latest tech. In brainstorming the best advice to give someone looking to buy gifts for us, I had a bit of an ‘ah-ha’ moment. While it’s safe to say that no two college girls are the same, one thing that most of us do have in common by virtue of being in college is over the roof stress levels. And I can’t speak for all college girls, but personally I have trouble taking the time or spending the money to pamper myself.… View Post

I’ve been writing a lot lately about managing your time and being intentional about what your putting your energy into because that is an area I’ve been focusing on making improvements on and I’ve been seeing a lot of progress so I want to pass my newly acquired wisdom to you. The hardest area of my life to manage is school. Managing my time as a blogger is relatively easy: I can turn down opportunities, take mental health days when I need them, and set my own hours and deadlines. As a student it doesn’t really work that way. I can’t exactly turn down homework assignments or set my own exam dates, so instead I’ve been learning how to best deal with the deadlines put forth for me. While my system for handling those overwhelming and stressful days isn’t exactly perfect, by implementing a few of these key tips I am able to make it through my busy days, sanity (mostly!) in tact. Eat a good breakfast. You are going to notice that I have a handful of food related tips in here, and I stand by the notion that food can really make you or break you during your busiest… View Post