I’ve been through a lot of changes in the last year: battling depression, leaving school, moving to New York City, working at a tech start-up, moving back to the midwest, and now adjusting to working remotely and balancing blogging in the midst of all of it. I look at how stressful the last year has been but I also realize that this time of change is just a part of growing up and everyone my age has either experienced that stress or will be very soon. I’m by no means an expert at handling stress (I’m known to hole up in my room and listen to Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis album on a loop to hid from any and all stressors) but I have gotten pretty good at handling change. I’ve learned a lot, and while I still have a lot to learn I’m sure, I wanted to share my top five tips for dealing with change in your early twenties: Focus on quality The quality of the people you spend time with, the things you own, and the effort you put into the things you do. When I was younger I was so focused on having as many friends as possible (including… View Post

College blogging has a special place in my heart – I got my start college blogging, afterall! While I’ve moved on from college, I know a lot of my readers (let’s be honest, most of them!) are in college or going to be in college and could benefit from fresh college posts. That’s where the blogging community comes in! I’ve got a few great guest posts lined up from stellar college bloggers, and Samantha is up first telling you all about different tools incoming freshman can use to make their lives easier! Hello lovely! If you are an incoming freshman, then you are probably worried, nervous, and excited about starting your first year of college!  Because I know how crazy the transition from high school to college is, I want to give all of you incoming freshman a few tools and resources that will help you throughout your entire college career. So, here are ten things that you are going to want to use in order to have a successful start to your next four years of college. 1. Scholarship search engine Since you will be entering college soon, you are going to have to begin the search for college scholarships.… View Post

I’m about to get touchy-feely here, so prepare yourself. I talk about moving to New York allllll the time and mostly I’m talking about cool and exciting things (like casually seeing Jimmy Fallon) but there is a darker side to moving somewhere where you don’t know anybody. And that’s homesickness. Homesickness strikes out of nowhere and it’s the worst. I can’t walk by the central park zoo without tears stinging my eyes (the zoo smell is reminiscent of the midwest), and I have a nasty habit of listening to the song Temporary Home when I’m already feeling down about being away from the people I love. Because I make bad choices. Today I was listening to Spotify at work and All The Pretty Girls came on, and I have such strong associations with that song that instantly my heart began to hurt. That song makes me think of driving around in my jeep with my friends during the summer and I realized that by the time I was home again my friends would all be gearing up to go their separate ways for the fall. That threw me into a major funk. I could lie and say that I’ve been adjusting perfectly to living here, but… View Post

Hey hey! Long time no chat, friends! So in case you didn’t already know this: I moved to NYC for an internship last week. I’ve been super busy, and things have been pretty unstable for me. (Still homeless, currently reporting from a storage room turned Airbnb in Brooklyn) and I really haven’t had time to do much of anything so I’ve enlisted some help. Kathryn Hadel of Jassamine Elaine stepped in as Mostly Morgan’s first ever (!!!) guest poster, and I’m thrilled with what she had to say! With internships on the brain (mine and millennials everywhere!), Kathryn wrote the ultimate guide to preparing for your summer internship! After you finish reading her post, be sure to Insta-stalk her! She’s fab!   Hello, Readers of Mostly Morgan! At this point in the semester, coffee has become a bona fide meal option and you’re counting down the days until final exams. For those of you who landed an internship for this summer, congratulations! Seriously, you put in a lot of hard work and now you’re reaping the reward. This past summer I interned in Washington DC at my dream internship. I was counting the days until I could drive into the city and start putting… View Post

Life has been moving really fast lately – I feel like I’m constantly moving a million miles a minute and I really haven’t been able to take time to slow down. I keep telling myself I need to start breathing and taking time for myself – and then I dream up another big project. While I’m all about dreaming and doing, there is something to be said for knowing when enough is enough and taking a break. I’ve been making a lot of changes lately and one more change I want to make is spending more time doing things I love and relaxing.  I teamed up with my friends at Zappos to bring you all different ways that you can unwind and have fun doing whatever it is that makes you happy! Enjoy the sunshine. Spring is (finally!) coming at us full force and we can shed our winter layers and enjoy the sunshine, however sparse it may be. Whether you’re ready to go out and get active or just looking to sit out and enjoy the sunshine and soak up some vitamin D. Create something. When we reach a certain age – our creativity begins to be stifled. Instead of short stories we are writing essays and… View Post