Goals for my Sophomore Year! Like many students, I don’t think of years as being from January to January, rather I feel a year is from August to August. The new year begins when the new school year begins. I decided that I wanted to publish my top goals for this year to potentially inspire you, but also to keep myself accountable. I’m not just telling one or two people, I’m telling several thousand, so I guess I have to do it!¬†I have a huge list of all of my goals here, but I decided that I wanted a separate… View Post

In light of back to school, I decided to continue my college tips series for the next few weeks. I have been getting an overwhelmingly amazing response on them the past few days, inspiring me to add more great content for my lovely readers ūüôā I have a list of posts I thought I could write regarding college, and study tips are at the top of the list. You may have been an academic hotshot in high school, but in college¬†everything changes. The professors expect more from you, you aren’t reminded of important dates, and you are the only one… View Post

If you’re an incoming freshman this year let me warn you: packing for college is¬†hard.¬†When you are up and moving to a whole new environment it is tricky to know what you’ll need, and what’s going to be pushed in the back of your closet until you move out again in the summer. If I am being¬†completely¬†honest with you – I overpacked.¬†Moving out I realized how much I brought that I simply did not need. Now that I can consider myself an old pro, I thought I would share some of my best advice with you. If you find this… View Post

If you find this post helpful, check out my top packing tips for college students! Going into college freshman year is¬†scary. Anyone who tells you anything otherwise is either lying or superhuman. It is fine to admit that you’re a little bit terrified of this brand new situation. Visiting somewhere where you know nobody is bad in itself, but when you’re being dropped off there and told “see you in three months!” you suddenly realize just how alone you are. I just finished up my freshman year of college and I have learned¬†a lot. There is so much that I… View Post

Going into my¬†freshman year of college I read countless buzzfeed lists telling me¬†everything¬†that I could ever need to know about college (not). I was told if I wanted to make friends then I¬†had to rush a sorority, that if I wanted to fit in I had to drink, and if I started a¬†long distance relationship with my boyfriend that I would regret it. (Spoiler alert: all were false.) I didn’t rush and I have made great friends (many of them who are in sororities and love it, but it just wasn’t for me), I don’t drink and no one has… View Post