A lot of people don’t understand all of the time, work, and devotion must go into running a successful blog. And beyond all of that there is also a lot of money that goes into blogging for business. From wordpress themes to cameras to the yearly renewal fees the costs can really add up for a professional blogger. Given that it’s ‘gift guide season’ in the blogging world, I thought I’d list a few things that are on most bloggers’ wishlists this holiday season. Memory Cards Successful blogs hinge on beautiful and original graphics. Those graphics start with photography, and bloggers take a lot of pictures to get the perfect shot. Before class today I was out taking pictures for an exciting project, and going through my lightroom library I realized I took 27 pictures of the same subject at slightly different angles. It takes a lot to get that perfect shot, and the cards fill up quickly. A DSLR A DSLR camera is a game changer for bloggers. I took the plunge in January to invest in one, and that is really when my blog started taking off. At the very base of photography, the camera does make a difference. But then… View Post

Last week I wrote a massive guide on self-employment in college and it sort of took off. I’ve gotten a great response from so many college students saying, ‘yes, that is exactly what I want to do.’ A lot of people are really drawn to the idea of self employment because lets be real, self employment is awesome. You set your own hours and your success is entirely up to you and the work that you put into your side hustle. And that is the best thing ever. But being self-employed is especially difficult in college when you already have so much on your plate. You might be taking on 18 hours of classes, active in different clubs and organizations, and working another job so that you can afford to be there. You have a lot on your plate and striking a balance is hard.   These time management tips are made especially with the college blogger in mind, but really they can be applied to anyone trying to make a bit of money on the side.   Schedule your day. And when I say schedule, I mean it. When I have a lot going on, my daily schedule is intense. I plan when I’ll wake, when I’ll eat,… View Post

When people ask me what I do, I usually don’t come right out and say, “Oh, I’m a blogger.” Usually I’ll say something along the lines of, “I’m self-employed” or “I run a small business.” Most of the population doesn’t realize that blogging is a viable career option, so I try and ease them into the idea. As of now, I don’t think a single adult outside of my close circle has taken me seriously when I told them that I am a self-employed blogger. People are typically suspicious, curious, or irrationally rude. The rude people figure that because I don’t have a boss or schedule or have to deal with customers that what I’m doing isn’t ‘real’ and that I have it so much easier than they do. But I’ll tell you something: Self-employment isn’t a walk in the park. Now, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Self employment in college. Most people don’t even consider self employment as an option for themselves, and certainly not in college. (It’s always a ‘some day’ thing.) So if you have wondered if self employment is for you – chances are it could be. A few… View Post

So I’m a bit later than usual with my income report this month –  sorry about that! But I’ve finally crunched the numbers and analyzed my analytics and despite lack of growth on both ends, I’m actually pretty excited about this report. I’m going a little more in depth and telling all when it comes to what I charge (something many bloggers keep very hush hush!) But before we get into that, I always like to add a little disclaimer about why I write these. People who I know in real life and are outside of the blogging world are always puzzled by this. Questions like, “Isn’t that bragging?” or “Isn’t that really personal to be sharing?” are common so I like to give a short explanation. These reports are written partially for transparency, partially to force me to do book keeping so I don’t have to stress come tax time, but mostly these posts are done to help newer bloggers. When I started blogging I found Pinch of Yum’s income reports and that’s when my eyes were opened to the eyes of monetization. Until that point I had never thought blogging was something people actually made money doing, so it… View Post

I’ve gone on and on about how much I love blogging a million times and I could probably spend hours going on about how great it is – but any blogger can tell you how it’s not all sunshine and collaborations. When you start blogging seriously for business, things can start to get more than a little stressful. A big question that I’ve gotten lately is how do I deal with the stress that comes along with blogging. And if I’m being honest – that question has come at the perfect time. The past few weeks I’ve stressed more about blogging than I ever have amidst writing my e-book and working with a lot more brands than usual. I forced myself to sit down and evaluate what it was about blogging that was making me so anxious the past few weeks and after identifying what was stressing me out the most, I was able to take some steps towards helping reduce blogging stress. Stop worrying about the numbers. This is one I’ve heard preached over and over again – and never really got. Until September I had only ever seen growth, so to me numbers were exciting and a point of pride… View Post