Happy February, everyone! It’s a new month which means it’s time to publish my income report! I’ve been doing these for over a year now in order to show bloggers that monetization is possible, to hold myself accountable, and to track my progress. I’m keeping this income report a little shorter than usual, because if I’m being honest – there wasn’t much strategy behind it. In the coming months I’ll be moving away from sponsored posts and ads, and I spent all of January setting up the ground work to do so. Before taking out expenses, I made over $2000 in January which is awesome, but that was largely from sponsored posts. Now there are some bloggers who are super anti-sponsored posts and refuse to do them. While I will be moving away from them in the future, that doesn’t mean I won’t do one or two a month, or that I think they are bad. I just plan on investing the time I would be corresponding with brands, sending drafts for approval, and ensuring all guidelines are met into creating my own products, something I spent a lot of January doing. What I did in January. Alright, like I said – every spare… View Post

This post is written in collaboration with Dell. All opinions are my own. You guys know I love blogging – I talk about it all the time! Recently I started up a second blog all about blogging and business and I was worried that having to manage a second blog would make it overwhelming and less fun. Luckily, all of that worrying was for nothing. My blogging process is second nature by this point, and adding a second site to the mix really wasn’t too stressful at all. I like being able to blog as a job because of the freedom I have; I set my own hours, I write about what I want, and I am truly in control.   A little over a month ago I switched computers to the Dell Intel XPS 13 because it lets me have complete freedom that I have been chasing as a blogger. There are a million different reasons why I love my Dell for blogging, but I really need to harp on three of the most important: the size, the card reader, and the battery life! I’m a small laptop girl, I just am. My first computer was big and clunky and just not portable. My Dell, on the other hand,… View Post

Happy New Year, everyone! This income report marks my first full year tracking my blog’s income, and I am still in a bit of disbelief over my being able to turn this into a full time job for myself! If you’ve been around for a while you know why I do these posts every month, but in case you’re new, let me explain: To monitor my growth. I take blogging seriously, and it’s something I hope to do for the rest of my life. It’s exciting and inspiring to be able to track my numbers and see what does and doesn’t work! To be transparent. Ok, guys. There are a million and one ways that you can make money on the internet and most of them are pretty sketchy. I like to be clear about where my income is coming from so you don’t think I’m taking advantage of my readers! To inspire. Ok, lets be honest here. There are so many amazing girl bosses and business mavens roaming around the internet world, but a lot of them are tight lipped on how they are making money. And of course, to each their own. A lot of people think it’s rude… View Post

You guys, I’m going to crack. I thought I could make it to the the New Year, but I can’t. I’m letting out my big secret that I’ve been keeping from y’all because I am weak. You know that project I’ve been teasing you with for over a month? Well I’m coming out with it: I’m starting another website. Ok, so I’ve got to keep some secrets under wraps so I’m going to keep hush hush on what the content is going to be (but feel free to guess in the comments below!), but I didn’t think it would be fair to keep teasing you with a secret without throwing any crumbs your way. When I started blogging here at Mostly Morgan, everything happened on a whim. One day I was reading College Info Geek, as I did regularly freshman year, and I thought to myself, ‘Huh, maybe I could blog, too.’ And within an hour I had a domain bought and hosting was being set up. My new site, though, had a lot more planning and thought put into it. I don’t want to have the same uphill battle I fought for the first six month here, fighting for readers and engagement, so… View Post

Hello, lovely friends! This month I have not been nearly as active here as I’d like. Normally I’m not one for excuses, but I actually have some pretty good reasons. The beginning of the month I was very stressed (and I’m still dealing with some residual stress!), finals, a nasty bug, and I’ve been putting what energy that I do have into a project. I plan on getting back to writing five days a week in the new year, something I really enjoyed doing most of the fall, but in the mean time I thought I could give you a few suggestions of blogs you might want to read! Living Between the Lines Megan writes Living Between the Lines and she’s the best. I’ve known her since I was twelve, and when the school year wraps up I will have spent about a tenth of my life living with her. She’s fun, she’s a bit sassy, and she writes really great college posts. Here, enjoy this six year old picture of us. Relieved to say we’ve outgrown that portion of our lives. The Nectar Collective Insert collective enthusiastic nods, am I right? We all know Melyssa and love her for her straight forward… View Post