So if you haven’t already noticed, I’m doing NaBloPoMo, meaning that I am posting every single day in the month of November. It’s been crazy if I’m being completely honest. But in a really good way, I feel motivated and pumped, not overwhelmed (yet!) I have a few things to thank for that: A handful of pre-written posts, a shocking amount of downtime the past few day, and my Google Calendar. This is the first month that I have ever completely devoted myself to Google Calendar, and let me tell you: It’s a game changer. I feel super organized, I don’t have to wonder whether or not there is something I am forgetting to do, and I am able to effectively plan my days without many curve balls being thrown my way. I like Google Calendar so much because unlike a real, physical calendar: It is static – I can rearrange things as I please. It sends me email updates – I don’t even have to check because it checks for me! I have it with me at all times. (I highly recommend syncing it to your phone!) I use it mostly for blogging, but I also have some important due dates… View Post

If you follow a lot of blogs, you may notice some of them publish an income report. Despite that I have only been making any money at all for the past few months, I decided that I would start putting together a monthly income report as well. I struggled with this decision for a while, because I’ve always heard that it’s in bad taste to talk about money, but when it comes down to it I love reading income reports, I check Pinch of Yum everyday during the beginning of the month until theirs is up, and I honestly get so inspired by them. There are bloggers making careers out of their passion, and it’s amazing to see the potential this hobby of mine has. While I’m nowhere near making thousands of dollars a month, I am going to keep working at it, and these reports will help me monitor my progress! This month I made less than last month, and I can credit that to a lack of focus due to midterms, as well as a decreased online presence that resulted in a lot less visitors than normal. On the bright side, I was able to snag a few sponsored opportunities which… View Post

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls! Gather around because I have a very terrifying exciting announcement to make! I took the plunge, I bit the bullet, and I did something that I know I will absolutely regret remember as being a great decision. I am very eager to see if I am up for my newest challenge: I held my breath and signed up for NaBloPoMo. Help me! “But Morgan, what is that?” Well, kiddos, let me tell you! NaBloPoMo is national blog post month and it is hosted by BlogHer every month, but November is extra special because that is the ‘official’ NaBloPoMo and I will be posting every single day in November and I am incredibly terrified excited! Help me! What does this mean for me? Well I will definitely have higher levels of anxiety productivity this month, not to mention that sleep stress will be a thing of the past! With my new editorial calendar and preplanned posts for every single day this month I have nothing to worry about! I am also planning on writing a few posts ahead of time (I’m writing this on October 30th!) so that I never have to rush through a post. I absolutely do not want to compromise quality for quantity. I… View Post

Hello everyone! I apologize as it’s been a week since my last post, but I’m making up for it by posting a goodie that I’ve been working on for quite a while: How do I make money blogging? The question bloggers everywhere ask themselves and one that I am finally figuring out the answer to. I am going to share the tips and tricks that I personally use, though I myself have only reached the tip of the iceberg. I am going to share with you the experiences that I have had and the resources I use to make money from this blog. I have been making money since June 28 of this year and every month I have been able to increase my income. So even if you are already making money I may be able to help! First things first, you are going to need to have a blog. Luckily I have a super in depth guide that walks you through how to set one up. If you have any questions about this process email me! Ads I have used two different ad providers and had great experiences with both of them. I first used Google Adsense but have since… View Post

So, lately I have had a lot of lovely ladies reaching out to me for advice on how they can start their own blog. While I have a step by step guide detailing how to actually set a blog up – there is so much to actually blogging successfully than just making the blog itself (obviously.) But what’s not so obvious is how to attract readers, build social media, and create buzz about your little corner of the internet. I’ve been blogging for a little over 7 months now (crazy!!!) and I have learned so much in that time. I sort of jumped into blogging blind and there was a huge learning curve for me and I definitely still don’t know everything but I’ve come so far and I feel that some things that I’ve learned might be able to help other bloggers who are still trying to figure everything out! Social Media & Blogging Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you that networking is just as important as actually  blogging. For my first four or five months I only used facebook and pinterest sort of – I’ve since added twitter into the mix and I’ve been working on google plus and I’ve seen a ton of growth! Because I… View Post