The Habit You Should Break to Be a Better Blogger

I’ve been a blogger for over three years and I’ve seen the industry shift and transform over and over again. Blogging is the best thing I’ve ever stumbled into, and I’ve had the incredible opportunity to help so many other bloggers during their journeys, too.

In the last three years I’ve seen bloggers stumble into the same traps over and over again, and there is one that stands out more than anything else:

Worrying too much with what everyone else is doing.

With the exception of writing this post, I have one main philosophy when it comes to blogging: stay in your lane.


Warning: There is some tough love in this post, but the keyword here is love. I want us all to succeed and be happy with our journeys as bloggers.

Don’t worry about what this blogger is doing, or how that blogger is “undermining the blogging industry.” Focus on your blog and your goals and pay no mind to what everyone else is doing.

If another blogger is doing follow unfollow on Instagram? That might float their boat, it doesn’t mean it has to float yours. They’re writing like a bajillion blog posts for the Nordstrom Sale? Don’t read posts you’re not interested in. They’re participating in unpaid collaborations? Maybe they aren’t interested in the stress and deadlines that comes with doing higher level campaigns.

You get the point.

Getting upset based on what other people are doing does you no good. You can complain in Facebook groups and subtweet all day long but that gets you nowhere.

In fact, you may end up alienating other bloggers who otherwise would look up to you.

Let me set the scene: Imagine a new blogger who is totally stoked that she just landed her first brand collaboration. It’s not paid, but they’re getting $500 worth of clothes—more than they usually spend on clothes in a year.

They’ve pinched themselves a dozen times since getting confirmation on the collab and they are smiling ear to ear.

They open up Twitter and the first thing they see is a series of tweets from their favorite blogger with rolly-eye emojis talking about how bloggers who accept product as payment are ruining the blogging industry for everyone else. The tweets are sharp and unsympathetic and this blogger went from floating on air to feeling like she just got sucker punched.

There is no right way to be a blogger—everyone is at a different place chasing different goals. Click To Tweet

Remember: Just because someone doesn’t follow the same blogging blueprint that you do doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong.


The idea that a handful of behaviors can actually have this catastrophic impact on the blogging industry is silly. Blogging is an ever changing industry, and just because other bloggers aren’t molding their corner of the interwebs in your vision doesn’t mean they’re doing something wrong or bad.

Everyone has their own goals and motivations with their own blog. You may be focused on growing a large and engaged audience, Sally Sue may be focused on generating enough income to send her little ones to summer camp.

Everyone has a different goal and everyone is going to be taking different steps to reach that goal.

If you focus your energy into reaching your goals instead of stressing about other bloggers you’re going to be so much happier. There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers who are managing to be successful in a blogosphere full of follow unfollow and fake followers. Chances are they got there by focusing on themselves. And maybe they are also partaking in one of the behaviors you deem as unacceptable for bloggers. Well, different strokes for different folks, my friend.

Normally I’m not one to dole out tough love, but I’ve seen so many bloggers (even some bloggers I really admire!) fall into the vicious cycle of trying to define the blogging industry as it suits them and cast shame on bloggers who do not fit their ideal mold.

There is room for everyone to be successful and reach their goals. Follow the journey that is most comfortable for you, and allow others to do the same. 
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  • This is such a great post! Sometimes I get really down on myself for “caving” and agreeing to a product-only campaign, but if it’s a product I’m passionate about, I’m just glad to work with them. Thanks for this post!


    • Thank you so much, Desi! Three years in and I still will work for product from time to time! Especially when it’s a brand I’m hoping to open (bigger, paid) doors with down the line.

  • thank you! love this! perfect!! this needed to be said!

  • Jocelyn K

    Thank you so much! I’m a new blogger and find myself falling into comparing myself with more established blogs constantly and it is exhausting… This is such a great post, one of the best I’ve read!
    xo Jocelyn //

    • It’s so easy to do! Only good things can come from putting your energy and focus into your own blog. Good luck and thank you so much!

  • Amanda Kristine

    Love this. Thanks for saying it. 🙂

  • Tough love is necessary sometimes…it helps us grow. 🙂

    This was a really helpful post, Morgan—not just for new bloggers, but experienced ones as well—and I could tell it came from a good place.

    Something we should all think more about. I read something online recently that said “how one person finds success is probably not how you will find it” (drastically paraphrasing, lol)….just because we all work differently, and everyone’s opportunities will be different. We all have different goals. And we can’t “recreate” someone else’s success. That’s why blogging is such a great medium because it allows everyone to chase after what they want in the way they see fit.


    Tendril Wild

    • Thank you so much, Bria! I really appreciate it! And paraphrased or not, I love that quote. It’s so true!

      I find a lot of people end up being threatened by another blogger’s success and that’s why they’ll pick them apart.

      Another quote I love is, “Their success is not your failure. It’s just proof that success is possible.” I feel like that’s really applicable in the comparison games that can come with blogging.

  • I love this! Everyone has their own goals and timetables. The beauty of blogging is that it can be molded to fit any lifestyle; it can be different and unique for every single person. There are no hard and fast rules, and that’s what makes it great.

    • Thank you so much, Lexi! I love that about blogging, it can be whatever the blogger wants it to be! It’s such a creative platform that there is no right and no wrong. <3

  • As a new blogger, I really appreciate this post!

  • Chloe

    I love this so SO so much, thank you for sharing it. I’m a new blogger and I’ve been blogging for just under three months, so far I’m completely focused on my blog – I see it as a creative space that I have full control over. I’m glad that I read this though because I would hate for me to be a few months in and to start comparing myself to everybody. If ever I feel that happening I know that I’m going to be coming back to this post and rereading it 🙂 Thank you so much.

    Have a great week 🙂

    Chloe @

    • Thank you so much, Chloe! And congratulations on your first three months of blogging, I hope you’re loving it!

  • This is so great to read! I’m on the opposite side — barely starting out. But this really makes me feel less pressure to be “perfect.” Thank you so much!

    • Thank you so much, Nicole! And that’s amazing, congrats on getting started!

  • Raquel Sosnovich

    I love this so much and everything in it is true! Let’s all support each other and motivate success in our own individual ways. Another great read 🙂

  • This is wonderful, Morgan! And so true. It’s the same in most things – fashion, fitness, blogging – what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone. This is a lovely reminder to “just do you” – Thank you!

  • Morgan, your posts are always so full of great and actionable advice for bloggers.
    One of the reason I quit blogging in the first place was because it can be hostile.
    This time around, I’m committed to focusing on me and my blog and the bloggers I love to support.
    Bloggers supporting bloggers needs to be a legit thing we all work towards.
    Can we get it on t-shirts?


  • Dana Mannarino

    I love this post, Morgan!
    Such great advice and a great reminder to continue doing YOU. Once I stepped away from all of the social media pressure and started focusing on my website, I became so much more invested in my brand! And you’re SO right, there is room for everyone to have success!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  • I absolutely loved this post. I’ve just started blogging again and recently I’ve found myself thinking “… is doing … so maybe I should be doing it too.” And this post has made me realise that I shouldn’t have that outlook when it comes to my blog, as after all I want it to be unique.

    Lisa | Soho Stripes

  • Mariah Canty

    I loved reading this post! You made some great points about not worrying about what other bloggers are doing. I used to be so into seeing what everyone else was doing, but now I just focus on what I need to do and how I can be doing some great things if I just put my mind to it. I just started blogging and it has been great so far. I really love it and I hope that it becomes something bigger one day so I can reach out to many people and give advice/helpful tips. I’ve just been taking everything as it goes and being optimistic instead of comparing myself to other bloggers I see out there. It helps!

  • Morgan, as a fellow blogger, I can really appreciate this post! It is great. Thanks so so much for the thoughtful reminder. <3

    Madison at 🙂

  • I love this post! Thank you SO Much for sharing xoxox

  • I think it’s so easy to get caught up comparing ourselves to each other, trying to “Keep Up with the Jones'” without focussing on who we are and what we are each individually trying to accomplish with our blogs.
    A brilliant piece that reminds us to “Stay True to You”.

    xx Bry Jaimea ||

  • Jolie Luu

    I’m definitely one of those bloggers who hesitate on what I should do because of what other bloggers are doing. Your example hit home. HARD! Thanks for the helpful reminder, Morgan!


  • Alicia Mendsey

    Hey there I just started blogging. I will keep this information in mind. BTW, Iove your channel and blog.

  • love love LOVE. i’m so trying to stay in my own lane as well, the comparison trap is real and such a waste of time for everyone!

  • very good reminder! it’s easy to get caught up in all the so-called “rules” of blogging and comparing ourselves to others. thanks for the tough love!

  • Absolutely loved reading this post and honestly really needed to read this information! Love, love your blog morgan 🙂

    check out mine:

  • Shevii McFarlane

    I needed this!

  • Yes!!!! This!!! 100x this! There is no ONE correct way to blog, network, or conduct business. Bloggers especially need to just do what’s best for themselves and the rest will work itself out. Such an important reminder!

  • Melissa Wint

    Very true we’re all moving at different paces with different goals

  • Totally true, love this post!!

  • Makaela Premont

    The crazy part is I just saw something so similar on Twitter discussing this! Everyone has their own path and goals and paths to get there. People shouldn’t shame others for doing what makes them happy or pleased.

    -xo, Makaela

  • Anthea Padua

    This post is so relevant and informative. I love that you have written it from a psychological point of view too.
    “To each blogger their own” 🙂


  • I’ve owned 2 blogs in the past and they were all focused on what others were doing. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to re-launch and feel confident in owning my voice. Thank you for writing this post, I think a lot of new or even experienced bloggers will benefit!

  • the_odditty

    This was definitely a good read. As an upcoming blogger it resonates with me because I struggle to try to fit in rather than stand out! Thank you for this piece of advice! Much love MM