Something about the term Bucket List makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s the way people never seem to accomplish everything on theirs, or how people put the impossible on there without any plan on getting there. You might call the list I’m about to present you my bucket list. But I prefer to call it my to do list. These aren’t things I am pushing off until some day rolls around. They aren’t tasks that I’d simply like to do but in reality will never get around to doing. These are things I have every intention of doing, and I already… View Post

I knew for a long time that I wanted to start a blog. I am excited by the idea of strangers all over the world potentially reading what little ol me, blogging from my college dorm, has to say. I think that the potential to make new friends, and forge connections with people I would have no other way of meeting is amazing. And what better way to do it than via the world wide web. For over a month I mulled over just what I wanted to say in this little blog. I knew only two things: I wanted to… View Post